Running Advertisement is one of the most common method to make money from your web site or blog. The amount of traffic and the nature of your site (the market) readily decides, how much revenue it makes. There are many successful people who are living life from Internet owning blogs. Yes, information rich blogs are praised by every one and even search engines love to send lot of traffic. At the same time, when you are offering a good service to people, your blog turns into a business and it gains potential to generate more revenue.

It is not like, you run an advertisement today and it makes you rich tomorrow. There are lot of strategies you have to apply here and more important, Testing.

Graph showing Increase...Yes, you have to test with multiple ad choices and formats so that you could increase your revenue every time. However, there are no fixed formulas defined and the result varies between market-to-market. Hence testing and tweaking is required…

In this article, i will discuss about the testing methods so that going forward you could increase your Ad revenue without any cost. These ways are applicable for any site today and even tomorrow….i mean timeless !

First, Diversify Your Revenue Source.

In general, “putting everything into one basket” is the most common mistake in any business. When it comes to advertising, you should not depend on one source of revenue. Because you may not really know what kind of advertisement best suites your blog. And also, there may be possibilities that you could generate revenue from multiple sources.

For example, when you are only running a PPC based advertisement (say, Adsense), you could find alternative sources like promoting an affiliate product or you could privately sell Ad space on fixed rate or you could enable an impression based Ad spots.

This way, your business never dependents on one source.

Think, what if you are banned from Adsense ? In those situations, it should not affect your income. At the same time, when you have alternative sources, you could balance the loss and your business never goes down.

Try Different Look-n-Feel.

When it comes to text based Ads, you could play a lot with look-n-feel to increase CTR (Click-Through-Rate). Yes, don’t just stick to one style. Experiment with multiple Ad colors and see, which combination works better. I don’t run Adsense in this blog however, i have good experience with Infolinks.

  • What i have seen is, colors matching to your existing link works the best. I mean, match the Ad link style same to your blogs link style – keep the color, font same like your blog link. This way, your Ad link looks like a regular link and there are more chances of people clicking on it.
  • Other way, make contrast Ad looks. For example, if your background color is white and link color is blue – you could show the Ads in Orange color. This way, the Ad stands out and catches the visitor eye.

These are the simplest methods to increase CTR of your text based advertisement by testing with look-n-feel.

Experiment With Ad Spots.

Above the fold Ad attracts more than other spots, because it will be visible without doing a scroll.

I would say, the performance varies based on your blogs layout and design. However, i most cases Ads near to content works the best because once your visitors are done with reading information, they will look for more and hence chances of clicking on the Ads near to the content (generally, above-below the blog post).

It also depends on where the visitor clicks more on your site.

  • If you are using Google Analytics, it shows where your visitors are clicking more and this helps to find out the Hot Spot in your layout. Place Ads in those hot spot and definitely, you will see increase in CTR on any type of Ad either Text or Banners.
  • If you are selling affiliate products, the best placement is inside the content. Add your affiliate link naturally into your content and this way your visitor, on reading the content automatically clicks on the Affiliate Link.

A/B Split Testing.

For any type of advertisement a/b testing works great and also, it really helps in increasing revenue every time. Say, in case of affiliate marketing you may need to sell a product or capture leads from the sale page. Split testing helps you to compare 2 different Ads and their placements – you could compare the results, keep the best performing Ad and continue experiment with next 2 sets. Going forward, you will be having the best performing Ad/placements so that you could increase the chances of sales every time.

See this nice collection no A/B split testing which helps you to understand better and recommendations on Split testing your landing pages, banner ads.

Always Keep It Less.

For web design, the magic formula is Keep it simple and for Ad revenue, the magic formula is Keep it less.

Because when there are less Ads your blog looks neat with lot of spaces and the Ad attracts the peoples vision. When you have too many advertisement, people don’t bother about them and they will ignore it.

Having less Ads will definitely grabs the visitors attention and they will act on it…

Finally, You Need Traffic…

Other than placement and testing, you must need Traffic. The nature of traffic decides your revenue. When you are looking to increase your PPC income, search engine visitors are good because search visitors have the habit of clicking on every link and more chances that they will click on your ads.

At the same time, if you are looking to increase product sale, you must gain the trust of visitors and it is true that people will open their wallet on trusted places only.

Based on your audience, decide your revenue model and do experiment according to the nature of traffic, this way you could effectively monetize your blog and revenue floods it….

Learn to get more blog traffic.

Videos To Watch…

I have collected few of the best videos on Internet which helps you to increase your ad revenue either you run PPC based ads or selling affiliate products….

Jeolcomms guide on Adsense…

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Hope all these tips are useful and good luck towards increasing your revenue….



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  1. Yes you said it MrVen testing is vey important in increasing your sites ad revenue. Internet Marketing actually is all about testing out various things, and deciding whats best for you!

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