It is important for a blog or an online business site to track the position in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) especially with Google. Almost every site gets majority of its visitors from Google. And SEO plays a major role in business growth over Internet.

When it comes to blogs, apart from other sources of traffic like social media tools and referral traffic – search engine traffic takes the major share (even this blog gets about 70-80% of its traffic from Search Engines).

Tracking the performance of your blog esp. on Google is a tough process, if you do manually. You have to search keywords and note down the position every day – its a head cracking task and you may get frustrated many times (say, you get a surge in position or if you want to track 100’s or 1000’s of keywords). However, when there are tools available to track the position – you could sit and watch your growth.

It is important to track your position on SERP at least once in a week (that i used to do).

For wordpress blog users, there are great number of plugins which helps to easily track your position in Google directly from Dashboard. Today, i did a bit of research in the wordess plugins directory and found the following 3 plugins which helps any wordpress blogger to track their position in Google for a given keyword.

Lets get into the list….

SEO Rank Reporter Plugin

SEO Rank Reporter is a wordpress plugin designed to track the performance of your blog on Google. Just give the keywords and it periodically checks the position in Google every 3 days.

  • It also shows the position as a graph which clearly tells whether you are moving up or down for the given keywords.
  • It calculates the number of hits you get for a particular keyword search and it helps to understand, how much traffic it affects for the current position in Google. Basically, you could measure the traffic fluctuations which are directly proportional to the current position in SERP.
  • Apart from these features, you could configure this plugin to send email updates. For example, when there is a change in position either +10 or -10, this plugin updates you immediately by email.
  • Further, it shows the list of all keywords that drives traffic along with that you could download these keywords data to a .csv file for any reference.
SEO Rank Reporter

SEO Rank Reporter - Stats

Google Keyword Tracker Plugin

Google Keyword Tracker is another wordpress plugin which helps to track multiple keywords and to monitor, how visitors are coming to your pages from Google (basically, by searching what keywords). It also shows the position as a graph so that you could easily find whether you are moving up or down in SERP.

  • This plugin has no limit that it handles unlimited number of keywords, you could add/delete keywords from the tracking list.
  • Looks like, this plugin monitors through the 20 pages of SERP and finds your position for various keywords.
  • Apart from these features, you could configure this plugin to check the ranking on various geographical servers like or or etc…
Google Keyword Tracker - Stats

Google Keyword Tracker - Stats

WP Google Ranking Plugin

WP Google Ranking is a tiny plugin which checks the Google position every day for the given keyword. It helps to track down the fluctuations in SERP on various data servers of Google. For example, it tracks the position in following different geographical SERP’s like:,,,,, etc.

These are few of the wordpress plugins which helps to quickly track your position on Google SERP.

  • Go for SEO Rank Reporter Plugin or Google Keyword Tracker Plugin – if you want to perform detailed analysis or
  • Go for WP Google Ranking Plugin – if you want a simple one…

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  1. Thanks Mr. Ven! These look to be great tools. I will definitely try some of them. I already use many great tools on my site itself, but the blog is a little harder to optimize…until now!
    Thanks for the great post!

  2. Nice one Mr Ven – most helpful. Am looking to condense all tracking into the WP interface so am happy I came across these plugins.

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