Google Analytics is one of the best analytic software available on the web today and interestingly, you can use it for free. As a webmaster, life without Google Analytics will be tough because “Tracking” is one of the important factor in any business.

And yes, it is not just limited to webmasters who own web sites or blogs, its for App developers too. With Google Analytics, you can track metrics about how your visitors are interacting with your App and that helps to tweak yourself for maximum results.

All you have to download and integrate the Android SDK into your App. You can go through the detailed developers guide from the official Google Analytics SDK page.

With Google Analytics for Android App, you can track the following 3 major parameters:

  • Pageview Statistics – One of the important parameter is Pageview – in actual, you can ask how pageviews are applicable for Apps because usually it is a term used for web pages. With Analytics, you can configure your App with a certain screen view as a pageview. For example, you can track how many times your users are entering into a screen to perform a certain operation. This way, you can understand your App navigation in terms of Pageviews.
  • Sale/Transaction Tracking – Like web pages, transactions on App are common and that purely depends on the type of App that you own. If you are transacting sales through your App then you can track that using Analytics. You can create transaction objects and you can capture each complete transaction using this Analytics SDK. You can track sales, in-app purchases as well as subscription based tracking as well.
  • Event Tracking – Events are part of Apps that involves Tap on a button or a control selection etc. For example, you can track what are all the buttons your users are pressing in your App and how they are using your App. Once you setup Event tracking, the Analytics SDK captures all the registered events and it logs the user behavior.  This tracking will be helpful especially if you are expecting your users to perform a certain operation say, how many times Submit button got tapped.

The following image (source) shows the snapshot of how the Analytics can help to track the user engagement.

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Apart from the above parameters, you can also track the number of active App users using Analytics. Similar to web page tracking, App tracking is also important to understand the user behavior.  As of today, i have not used Analytics for my Android Apps and this exploration gives me a feel that it is good to take advantage of it. However, it all depends on the App that you develop and the need for tracking.

You can also understand more about App Analytics from the below video by Nick Mihailovsky from Google.

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