Guest blogging is one of the interesting part of blog promotion or blog marketing strategy. It has great advantages when compared to other methods of promotion especially in finding targeted people to your blog and to widen the scope of your blog.

Guest blogging is not just about writing articles on others blog instead, when properly utilized you could earn a lot of benefits from it.

This article explains you the major advantages of guest blogging and also, how to take well advantage of it ? Here you are spending time for the benefit of other blog as well as the benefit of your own blog.

First, Decide Purpose of Guest Blogging.

The very first recommendation, have you identified the purpose of guest blogging ? As i mentioned earlier, it is not just writing articles for others blog. Have a purpose or a goal in place so that you could utilize the benefits of it well.

There are many reasons to employ guest blogging as a marketing strategy:

  • you may want to hire more guest bloggers in your blog
  • you may want to increase the product sales
  • you may want to increase your blog traffic
  • you may want to increase the rate of regular blog readers
  • you may want to increase the blog earnings/income
    & much more reasons….

Decide the purpose of guest blogging. This helps you to perform effective guest blogging. You could choose a guest blogging topic or title based on your goals/purpose which definitely brings you better results.

Creates Wider Exposure – Tell Everyone You Have Arrived.

blog related termsGuest blogging is one of the best blog promotional strategy that i have seen. It is not just a marketing strategy, it has the power to take your blog to next level. In business, exposure is more important right from beginning stage over the growth stage, you have to constantly create exposure to your business. It is well and good applicable for blogging too.

It is not like, you publish articles every day and automatically people will come & see you. Instead, you have to spread the words about your blog and your business. You have to call every one. Don’t hesitate to see people, tell that you are here with a message. This creates the real exposure to your blog and business.

Choose the right blogs to guest blog in your market. Find out, what kind of articles are getting published every day. And finally, come up with similar article which well suites the guest blog audience. This is the basic rule of gaining more exposure to your blog from other guest blogs.

Drive More Targeted Visitors – Referral Source of Traffic.

Not only you could drive more traffic, you could drive targeted traffic too. Again, when you guest blog on related blogs in your market – directly you will get targeted visitors every day. In reality, you will get traffic for life time as long as your guest article gets traffic. Have a guest blogging plan and follow it strictly.

  • For example, write 2 guest articles per week in 2 different big blogs in your market. This way, in 2 months time – you could gain exposure from 16 different blogs which are all related to your market.

Search engines and social media tools are not the only means of driving traffic, this kind of targeted referral traffic are free and you will get traffic constantly for the life time.

Effective Link Building – Really Natural Way of Building.

Blogging is all about sharing and networking with others. Link building got a bad name in Internet marketing. I mean – it is made into bad by the hands of spammers and spamlogs. As a successful blogger, we should not worry much about link building. Instead, focus towards building natural links by means of creating valuable content + creating more brand exposure itself. Guest blogging helps a lot in this direction especially building natural back links to your blog.

  • You gain back link from your guest article + the readers of the guest blog will get impressed by your writing and chances are more that they will link your own blog. Hence you get double bonanza here !

It is kind of give and take – you give value and gain value mutually. Everything happens naturally and definitely, never hurts search engines as well as readers.

Before Guest Blogging, Keep Your Blog Armed….

Since guest blogging has the power to inherit lot of benefits to your blog and business, you have to play it wisely. Having a crap blog in hand may not really bring in that much brand exposure to the visitors. Go ahead and make your blog stand out with a unique design + valuable content – you will be appreciated by each and every visitors. Also, if you are looking to make money from the traffic then monetize your blog effectively before going for guest blogging.

Keep your blog armed with what you want to achieve from guest blogging first and then start doing guest blogging. This way, you could take the real advantage of guest blogging 101%….

Finally, guest blogging is one of the powerful marketing strategy which helps you to quickly gain exposure to your blog, drive more targeted traffic. It helps in building quality backlinks naturally, as well as increases your brand value….

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