Let’s learn, how to start your own money-making business with a website? Before that, you should understand that you are going to own a business.

Yes, the dot-com business is a great idea that any individual with the basic computer knowledge could run. It gives that flexibility and Internet have huge resources that decently helps you to make a life out of your own websites. keep your mind fresh because you are ready to get a challenge today.

First of all, starting your own website business requires you to understand the steps before doing anything.

I mean, you should not do this on a go-and-go basis instead you should do on a go-on-right basis. Majority of the beginners are failing due to the lack of that basic knowledge about online business.Your new money making business with a website

At the end of this article, you will be in a better position to take the right steps to own your own website business. Okay, let’s see the steps in detail.

Selecting a Topic For Website.

This is the first, important step in starting your website business. You have to select a topic for your website. Do you know the website, cars.com? It’s completely about cars, their major topic is cars & car reviews. Similarly, you should decide a topic for your website.

I will give you two options for topic selection.

  • Go by your interest. List down, what are all the topics you are interested in your life? Select the topic that you are more passionate or loving.
  • Go by Market Demand. Find out what kind of topic is famous on the Internet and select the one you like to work. To find the market demand, use Keyword Planner Tool which gives you the nice search statistics for given keywords.

I would suggest choosing a topic from your Interest which has demand in the market because you have to produce content for your website.

Learn how to decide topic?

Registering a Domain Name & Hosting.

The second step is registering a domain name (website name) & a hosting plan (a storage place to keep your website online). Domain name is more important because it gives the identity to your business. Simply saying, choose a name which is closely related to your topic (like xxxxtips.com or xxxxguide.com or go for a brand name (likely Yahoo, Amazon, BlashO etc.).

I would recommend using SiteGround web hosting, which gives you both the domain name & a hosting service. SiteGround has great customer service and I personally used it. It costs approximately 10$ for domain names & less than 50$ for website hosting.

Learn how to pick a domain name?

Installing a Platform And Website Designing.

Nowadays, blogging platforms are more famous because it’s simple to manage for everyone especially beginners like you. WordPress is the best platform which provides you the interface to work on your website. Using WordPress, you could write and publish your website content.

Moreover, it is free to use (open source project). It gives you plenty of templates/themes to design your website. Templates are pre-built website models that simply makes the design for your website. So you are ready for your website design & you have the platform to write content.

You can find a lot of high-quality professional themes from Themeforest.

Produce Website Content.

The life or heart of your website is Content. A website with more useful content gets more visitors from search engines. In order to produce useful content on your topic, you should have good knowledge on that topic. That’s why I recommended before to select a topic based on your interest. You have to keep on producing good website content, have a writing schedule (for part-time workers like 1 day 1 article or 2 days 1 article…) and publish useful content on your website.

You should understand the basics of SEO in writing search engine friendly articles. SEO is outside the scope of this article.

But just learn the basic SEO from Google, that’s well enough.

Learn how to write?

Setup Your Website For Making Money.

Making Money on your website is extremely simple if have enough visitors. More visitors gives more income. It’s same like a real-world business, a shop without visitors is meant for nothing.

Coming to the point, there two simple & proven ways to make money on your website. They are Publishing Advertisements & Affiliate Product Marketing.

  • Publishing Ads, once your site has enough visitors coming, you could publish ads on your site. Whenever a visitor clicks on the Ads, you will earn money. Google Adsense, Facebook Ads are the best advertising networks which pay good and shows contextual ads on your website. You could sign up for Google Adsense here & Facebook Ads here, its free to join.
  • Affiliate Product Marketing, the second way, in which you have to promote a product related to your website and you will be paid commission for each sale. Best examples are promoting ebooks, training materials, service referrals etc. Like advertising networks, there are affiliate networks & again its free to join. Some of the best and good paying affiliate network is Amazon.

As I told before, the number of visitors coming to your website decides your income. That’s why dot-com business takes time to establish. You need more patience and hard work in producing useful content on your website in order to make more money.

Marketing Your Website.

Every business needs marketing strategies. Dotcom business needs a full-fledged Internet Marketing strategy. It’s a wide topic and hard to cover everything here. But to make it simple, you have to promote and market your website for getting more visitors. In actual, you have to spread the words about your website on the Internet.

  • Article Marketing, the best method to promote your website. You have to write articles on your topic and publish on article submission sites like ezinearticles.com, hubpages.com etc. At the same time, you should mention about your website on those articles. This increases the visibility of your website easily to a wide audience. Instead of this, you can go for guest posting on related blogs.
  • Social Media Marketing. Using social media tools like twitter, facebook, you could promote your website. For that, you need a strong & larger network of followers in order to spread the words about your website and your content. For sure, it takes time to gain that level of success.
  • Other ways of marketing are like joining forums related to your website and telling everyone about your website. Posting comments on other’s blogs or websites. Getting Linked from other related websites etc.

All these methods will increase the authority of your website on search engines too which drives more visitors to your website naturally.

Learn how to get more traffic?

Moreover, have a logo & slogan for your website to build a business brand, that’s more important.

As I told, Internet Marketing is a wide topic and it should go parallel throughout the life cycle of your online business. It’s a never-ending process.

We are at the end now. Are you clear? I believe, now you have understood the basic steps to start your own business website for making money. I would recommend, you to read this article again and understand the steps more clear.

You must spend quality time & knowledge to make a successful website. Simply, keep your mind in learning mode, start your own website, soon you will see the results.

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