eBay is one of the best option for money making online. It has variety of products to promote on almost all the niches. You could easily find products and promote from your niche specific blog. Yes, its important that your blog should have a focused topic.

  • Its not like, on a finance blog you could sell a sport product, contextual product promotion matters. Also, its quite meaningful to promote popular ebay products which are high demand in the market.

Lets see, how to show the most popular ebay products in your blog ?

ebayIts hard to browse through the huge list of ebay products on each market and plug them into your blog. To make the work simpler, especially on wordpress based blogs, there are handy plugins to help. Such a ebay handy plugin released by Watchcount is Watchcount.com WP Plugin.

Using WC WP plugin, you could simply list down the popular ebay products on your blog’s sidebar as well in customized locations.

  • Once you download this free plugin and activated, you could configure it to list the popular products.
  • One of the major input to the plugin is the keywords or the post tags. Watchcount plugin searches the eBay database for the given keywords or tags, then it lists the most popular products on the sidebar of your blog.
eBay Popular Products Widget

eBay Widget

Major features to note down:

  • WC WP Plugin adds a search bar, so that visitors could find more eBay products of their own interest.
  • It has support from international ebay configuration and language support.
  • You could preview the widget once the configuration is done, before acutally enabling it.
  • It doesn’t uses javascript or Flash, hence it doesn’t affects the load time of your site.
  • Customize the widget layout, style and colors to match your site theme.
eBay Plugin Settings

Sample Settings...

TIPS: Since this plugin automatically finds popular products, it works the best. Only thing, you have to take control through the keywords that you give as input. Select product specific keywords targeted to your niche in order to get better product lists and higher conversion.

For Blogger.COM Users:

  • Using Only eBay Widget, you could simply create ebay product lists to embed on your blogger blog.

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