E-Mail subscribers are the base of your blog’s growth. They are the regular readers who are really interested in your content and they are always connected to your blog. With a lot of uncertainty in SEO stuff, it is important to have a diversified traffic to your blog. E-Mails are still not dead and they are evolving every other day.

In fact, E-Mail is one of the best marketing tools according to the survey conducted by Forbes.Email as marketing tool survey

If you are running a WordPress blog then you must need to create an E-Mail subscription box. You may either use Feedburner, Aweber or MailChimp that doesn’t matter – however, all you need a subscription box.

I am using Feedburner since the launch date of this blog. However, I also used Aweber and later shifted to MailChimp especially to cut down the monthly blog expenses.

These are the 3 most popularly used E-Mail delivery systems with Feedburner a very basic one, you can’t even compare with Aweber or Mailchimp.

On your WordPress blog, you can easily show an E-Mail subscription box using the WP Subscribe Plugin.

Just follow the installation steps:

1) Go to Plugins > Add New
2) Search for “WP Subscribe”

Email subscription install
3) Click “Install Now” and then click “Activate PluginEmail subscription box activate
4) Go to Appearance > Widgets
5) Drag and drop the “WP Subscribe Widget” wherever you want.
6) Choose your E-Mail service: Feedburner or Aweber or MailChimp and then fill the API key, List ID. You can refer to the Aweber help or MailChimp help pages.Email box choose your service
7) Click “Save”.
8) Visit your blog. Done.

You can also customize all the text that appears on the subscription box like the Title, Button Text, Status Messages etc.Email box setup the labels text

Don’t forget to click “Save”.

Here we go…Subscription box done

I tried many other plugins, most of them looks junk and don’t have a clean and stylish design.

I also integrated this WP Subscribe’s subscription box on the sidebar. It looks stylish and it can quickly grab the attention of the visitors.

Moreover, it is easy to configure and tomorrow, if I switch the E-Mail service between Aweber or MailChimp then it will be very much helpful and easy to configure this plugin.

Let me know, if you find any other good E-Mail Subscription widget for WordPress.


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