Showing categories in wordpress blog “as usual” is boring. How it looks, when you show them as tree view with expand, shrink options ? Its looks pretty good especially for the visitors to browse through all the categories and sub-categories with a mouse click.

  • When your blog has more number of categories or sub-categories, showing them as a tree view is best choice.

It allows the visitors to expand a particular category and view all the sub-categories. And also, it shrinks the tree back when the visitor clicks on another category. Basically, category navigation will become smoother and comfortable.

Lets see how to show your blog categories as a tree-view ?

We all know that WordPress blogs are best powered by “free to use” plugins. After trying out many such category listing plugins (for my another blog), i finally got the best plugin to show categories as a tree view.

That’s WP-dTree dynamic tree-widgets plugin, which helps to quickly add widgets to the sidebar as tree view. Using this plugin is simple, just drag-and-drop the widget to sidebar and configure the options to your style.

See the screen shot which shows how the categories are listed:wp-dtree-category-plugin

WP-dTree plugin has multiple features like you could list not only categories but also pages, archives, list of links as treeview. The following are the features of WP-dTree plugin:

  • It has the option to enable/disable “open all”, “close all” links.
  • Exclude, include particular category or sub-category from the list.
  • To display only categories which has posts available.
  • Option to show all categories irrespective of posts availability.
  • Make parent category as link or just a text.
  • Controlling the navigation option on clicking category links.
  • And options to sort down the categories.

I tried out many other plugins and i felt WP-dTree has best options to make a configurable tree view category listing. Not only for categories, you could use this plugin for listing pages, archives as well list of favorite links.

Check the WP-dTree plugin FAQ page for more information.


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  1. Thanks for the post, I came across it searching Google for WordPress Category Tree Display. The plugin is a great one, especially since the author has fully updated it. Again, thanks for reviewing it and bringing it to our attention! πŸ™‚

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Good that, this post had helped you…welcome Jeff !

  2. hi, what about such pligin for the admin panel?

  3. vittorio atzeni - Reply

    How can I see all the categories (in a tree view) of a wordpress site that I don’t own? It’s possible?

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