Today, I am going to reveal you the powerful backlink strategy and you can quickly create free “quality backlinks” to your site. Since you are searching about backlinks, I am damn sure that you know everything about backlinks and its importance.

Let me quickly explain the importance of backlinks in 2 lines:

  • Source of Traffic – Backlinks are the source of traffic to your blog. More the number of backlinks from high traffic pages, you will get more Referral Traffic from those pages.
  • Search Engine Ranking – The number of backlinks and its quality tells the popularity of any web page (to most of the search engines esp. Google). So it directly affects the ranking of your site and every one wants to place their site on top for their Targeted Keywords. Right ?

Okay, I don’t want to drag the topic, lets see the technique which quickly creates QUALITY backlinks for your blog.chain-297842_640

Know Your Targeted Keywords.

First, you must know your targeted keywords. I mean, the keywords for which you want your site to rank top in search engines. I am also sure that you know your targeted keywords, if you don’t know – first, have it ready !

List Down Top 5 Sites.

Go to and search your keyword.

Note down the top 5 web sites (URL or domain name) coming in the results page.

Similarly, search all your keywords and keep the list of top web sites appearing in the results page.

We are going to find the backlinks of these web sites now.

Find Out Backlink Sources.

Now you have the list of top web sites for each keywords. These sites are placed in top that means they are “already recognized” well by Google.

They have good content (that’s other story, leave it as of now) and they have Quality backlinks (that’s more important now).

You can use a tool like SEMRush to analyze the backlinks of these top ranking web sites. I find SEMRush is an easy-to-use tool which gives more insights about any URL.

It won’t take much time, with a single click it shows all backlinks for the given web site. Go to each backlink and see the type of link created.
You will see variety of

Note it down and give importance to the top 5 websites “only” because they are highly recognized by Google (if you have time, you can analyze more than 5 results, but I prefer only top 5).

Now Start Creating Backlinks.

So you have a clear idea of where to create backlinks? for your site, same like the top 5 performers.

  • First, Take Simple Steps : Comment on the same blog, from where your competitor had commented. Join the same forum and add links to your signature same like your competitor – try to keep the same count + same context.
  • Second, Take Complex Steps: Submit guest posts to the same blogs where your competitor had submitted (with similar type of content).
  • Third, Attempt Natural Steps: There may be backlinks naturally created by others. Now, you can contact those site owners and ask them to add a link to your page (you can mention that your site is better than their’s).

Backlink Creation Phase/Frequency.

Note down, sudden increase in backlinks definitely shows a false alarm to Google bots. So keep the phase or frequency of creating backlinks at a constant and slow rate (for example, create 2-3 links per day only).

By simply repeating all these steps, you could create quality backlinks – that too quickly.


With increasing the number of quality backlinks, your blog gets more referral traffic, as well as it gains search engine’s authority over a period of time. I have tried this method and seen increase in traffic as well this blog climbed to top 10 for few of my targeted keywords long back.


About the Author:

I love-to-code, passionate-to-write, an upcoming author, and WordPress enthusiast. Here at BlashO, I mostly share WordPress tips. Connect with me @Twitter.


  1. Amit Sharma - Reply

    Awesome site! Thanks!

  2. Jose Castillo - Reply

    Thanks for your enlightning articles. They are instructive and practical.

    I am glad I found your site, and I plan to recommend it to some of my friends that could also use this information.

    Again. thanks for sharing in a very unselfish way!

  3. Smart service

  4. I like google webmaster tool but still don’t understand at all about google webmaster tool..

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Hope this quick start guide helps you…Thanks for your comment.

  5. Thanks Ven nice post..One thing which I learned and is important is getting targeted backlinks instead of random backlinks from random sites…!!
    You should also look into some SEO tools like Traffic travis and similar software which let you find targeted blogs..

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Thanks for referring the tool Traffic travis, as a free alternative – i used to manually search Google on related keywords to find targeted blogs. That’s a bit time consuming process but will find great blogs to interact and build backlink’s.

      However, i stopped building backlink’s long back….let it happen naturally 🙂 Keeping referral traffic apart, i see like on-page optimization is paying more for search traffic.

      Nice to see your comment here.

  6. Thanks for referring these SEO tools.Very useful advice for me.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      You are welcome Ross Talylot.

  7. nice information friend

  8. ramesh - Reply

    nice website but one think i never got are some websites where i can place my links to get some backlinks i hope you might write in future about this my blog is in developing stage but no traffic suggest some tips to improve it

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Ramesh, be focused on your blog’s topic and add more content regularly. Traffic grows naturally. Alternatively, you can work to spread your blog links across the web using no-spam techniques.

  9. Hack Twitter - Reply

    This kind of thing of posting backlinks i was searching for about a week,they were always misleading.Altough that link on yahoo site explorer doesnt work I found an alternative and i will have this post in my mind!

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Yahoo site explorer is out of world, you can use SEMRush instead.

  10. yahoo didnt work for me … but thanks for the tips

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Neil, give a try with SEMRush it gives very deep information about an URL.

  11. Atul Kumar Pandey - Reply

    Great Information Friend. I like that you clearly suggested better way to get back links which is nice to get in real.

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Thanks for the comment Atul, see you back.

  12. I looked at semrush, it is a paid Saas. It is an added expense for a starting blogger like me. I hope I can find a service or software with the same functions for free or at a more affordable price.

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      That’s right. I used SEMRush extensively 5 years back. Since I took long break from blogging, I didn’t started using the paid service yet until I restore my blog’s traffic back to the bang 😉 Try small SEO tools backlink checker for now.

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