Many people are running blogs but are they running profitable blogs ? What is profitable blogging ? And How to make such profitable blogs ? Too many questions…

When you are running a blog as business or doing it as a hobby, you will expect making money from blogging. Unfortunately, not all blogs are making money for you. There are many reasons for failure as well for success. Many don’t know the underlying principle or facts of profitable blogging. Blogging is not only about publishing articles, its more than.

What Is Profitable Blogging ?

A blog which is able to make money without much investment (both time or money) is a profitable blog. Investment of money anyway that’s comparatively less in blogging business. At many cases, you have to invest great work and time.

Lets see how to make profitable blogs ? with less investment of time, work.

How To Pick Profitable Blog Topics ?

We Can Blog It

We Can Blog It

The topic on which you are blogging about matters here. It decides everything from profits to investment of work needed. Yes, that’s how well you are avoiding the competitors. In a extremely demanding market, you have to struggle more.

For example, the niche of make money online is tougher because of too many blogs and affiliate sites. Few to mention – weight loss, health, gaming etc are in nature highly competitive blog niche.

  • Don’t go in the usual way, you have to pick the blog topic which has moderate demand and less competition. Its very easy to find such markets by keyword analysis.

Selecting “Money” Keywords.

Extensive keyword research using Google Keyword Tool is well enough to find such markets (moderately demand is search volume around 5,000 to 15,000 per month which are usually less competitive in nature). Search those keywords in Google and analyze the competitors site maturity in the top 10 results to decide.

Keyword Rich Blog Names.

At the same time, your domain name should reflect your keyword. Its good SEO practice to have keywords in domain name (unless you are big fish in branding). For individual bloggers, its better to target your blogging business with keyword centric domain names. Generally, exact keyword as domain name brings your site to the top 10 quickly especially in Google & Yahoo search engines without much efforts.

Product Based Blogging.

Yes, its blogging about products. Especially, digital download-able products or electronic products are good to blog about and you could easily sell them in your blogs. For example, you could write about a digital product say, “blue ray players” and become an affiliate of Amazon. This way, your blog becomes a money system and it earns your for the long time. The blogging effort you invest gives your profitable returns.

Trend Based Blogging.

Another way, write about trending or hot topics. You have watch the world especially the digital world and look for new product launches by giants like Microsoft, Samsung, LG etc. Pick their new products and write about them. This way, you could quickly get into booming profit market as well you could stand a while before the competition grows. Its worth for the time and effort you invest. You could find more such profitable topics with this method. Technology and product evolution never stops !

Finally, you could blog for many reasons but if you are look it as a business, you should focus the profitable markets. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time, money and effort in a unworthy situation. Its easy to make profitable blogs by means of effective market research and analysis.

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  1. You can build a bank of hot, untapped sellers that no one knows exists… we know that word of mouth marketing is by far the best marketing out there so imagine you had hundreds of bird dogs marketing for you … that’s what makes DogNinja so powerful … you are leveraging OPE (other people’s efforts) and utilizing a system that allows this to build effortlessly!

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      the concept of driving others to help us really works and that’s what many of the digital product owners are doing in the name of JV partners 🙂 Thanks for your valuable comment !

  2. I am a writer and I would like to begin my own personal blog, with the intent in mind to earn revenue. However I am not sure where to start. As I have many interests but, however, I know that to attract advertisers I need to hone in on one specific topic that is relevant.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      good you have many interests, generally people love to spend for financial, lifestyle and health benefits…so think something in those domain that works and you can find revenue streams…good luck !

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