Domain name is the entry point of your blog.

It’s the gateway to your blog. Having a domain name registered for your blog is one of the most important aspects of blogging.

Because, if you are using a free blogging platform like blogger or weebly – all you get an ugly blog name.

  • Your blog lacks “life” without a domain name.
  • Your blog is not a blog without a domain name.
  • Your blog lacks “brand” without a domain name.

It’s so ugly that you cannot even tell your blog name to others. You cannot even speak about your blog.

That’s the bad part of not having a domain name registered for your blog.finding-and-pointing-to-domain

In fact, I started blogging with free-to-use platforms only and I owned those ugly names years back. However, when I realized the importance of self-hosted blogs, I registered a domain name.

So far, I have registered 30+ domain names for the different type of blogging requirements. Later I settled with only 3-4 domain names where I am actively working on it.

In 2018, I am just settled only with

Having a domain name always feels me to “be proud”.

Hope you will also fee the same.

Okay, let me help you to choose the best domain name for your new blog.

I always want to keep everything simple and straightforward.

Picking domain name is also simple if you just follow my steps or theory.

Keyword-based Domain Name.

These are domain names which are just keywords.

For example, is a keyword based domain name. The word “finance” is just a word. Similarly, is a keyword based domain name. The words “finance advice” are just words.

  • One of the biggest problem with these keyword based domains: you cannot easily find a domain name available.
  • Most of the commonly used words are already registered and you end up in disappointment only.using keywords

However, there may be few keywords left and its all depends on the topic. In case, if you are finding some wired or not most commonly used the word as a domain name – you may find it.

Earlier, these kind of keyword domain names were ranking better on search engines like Google. However, Google slapped them as there were many spam blogs created only for ranking. Better, forget it.

Here in BlashO, early days I had a domain name like: eMoneyMakingOnline. I was more interested in that keyword “Money Making Online” and when I didn’t found that keyword domain name, I just added a letter “e” in front of it.

Branded Domain Name.

These are domain names with some interesting names.

For example, is a branded domain name.

If you hear the word BlashO, you may not be able to find out what it is all about. Similarly, many of the bigger brands had also used such names like: Baidu, Tumblr, weebly etc. If you just forget what these websites do, you may not be able to find out a meaning out of it.brand is here

However, branded domain names are easy-to-remember.

People won’t forget branded domain names easily and they can quickly speak about it.

In fact, it rolls good on the tongue ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s one of the reason, I switched the domain name from that complex eMoneyMakingOnline to simple one like:

Brand+Keyword based Domain Name.

These are domain names with both brand word + a keyword combined together.

  • For example, the domain name has the keyword and also a branded name in it. The advantage is that as soon as you spell the domain name, you can easily find out what it is all about. You can say BusinessInsider is about business.

Even Brand+keyword domain names are easy-to-remember as well as easy-to-understand.

If you ask me: this is one of the best ways to pick a domain name for your blog.

Go for brand+keyword.

Make Sure You are Not Using Copyright or Trademark Names.

Legally, it is important to make sure that you are not using a registered name. If you use registered Trademarks or Copyrighted names in your domain, there are chances that you will be sued by the original owners.protected-267353_640

For example, if you use the word “google” or “facebook” in your domain name they may take legal actions against you.

Aware. Beware.

Search your domain words on Google and see, if there are any websites already existing with a similar name.

Avoid such words.

Verify Domain History and Age.

Yes, there will be history for domain names. If someone registered a domain name and if they just used it only for 1 Year, such names are also available for you to register.

  • In short, inactive domain names are also available for registration.

You should understand that either you are registering a fresh name or an old is like domain age

You can simply use a tool like or to find the history and age.

  • Generally, it is “believed” that older domain names rank well on search engines like Google.
  • However, I believe that whenever there is a re-registration of an old domain name, Google considers that as a new domain name only.


Finding the right domain name for your blog is one of the important steps for blog success because it will be used often by “others” than “you”.

To conclude, keep the following in mind when you choose domain name:

  • Keep it short.
  • Use brand words.
  • Keep it easy-to-remember.
  • Keep it easy-to-pronounce.
  • Preferably use brand+keyword based domains.
  • Go to SiteGround, to find your domain now.

Good Luck.


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