Your new blog is up and running. That’s nice to hear.

As a beginner, your mind is moving towards MONEY.

Is that true ?

If yes then you are in the right page to learn how to make that out of your blog ? I mean, how do you monetize your new blog ?

There are many things to consider while you monetize your new blog.

In fact, for the first 1 to 2 years my blog was not effectively monetized. Its because of the question, When to monetize a new blog ? There are varying arguments still going on and it depends on individual approach.

A new blog can be monetized from the day one or even after months/years – its your own choice.

Let’s not think about this now.coins-548949_640

First, we will see the right approaches for monetizing a new blog.

In general, a blog earns you money through many ways. The following are the specific proven methods that you could follow even from today.

Publishing Pay-Per-Click Ads – Don’t Go For It.

When it comes to displaying PPC Ads, the first program comes to every one’s mind is Google Adsense. Because of the reason, Google occupied more percent of the Internet’s Ad space and its contextual nature (ie., displaying Ads related to the web sites content), it is famous among web masters.

My suggestion, don’t start with Google Adsense. Why ?

  • Have you read this Google Adsense Policy?
  • Do your blog is compliant to that policy?
  • Do your blog adds value to the reader?
  • Important: Do you want to loose your blog readers?

If you have confident answers for all these questions then only go for

In my case, I started applying for Adsense and got reject many times. Finally, they told GET LOST & Don’t apply for Adsense any more.

Back in 2008, I started with a blogger blog which later got blocked by Google saying as a Spam blog for no reasons (that’s why I always advice to create self-hosted blog’s and understand, why you should use WordPress). You can see my story here.

As a beginner, I didn’t realize much on what I am doing at that time. Over-a-period of time, I became much more matured and started being professional, in what I am doing with my blog.

Today I have a work schedule, marketing strategy, a forecast, a concept for my blog and to grow that into a successful online business.

Generally, for a PPC Ad to earn good, you need decent amount of visitors every day.

Important: When someone clicks on your Ad – they leave your site – you lose valuable readers 🙁

Don’t start with any of these pay-per-click based Ads.

If you are still interested go for those Ad networks, then start with Konetra, Infolinks – that are good to start monetizing your blog. Later once you got confident with your blog, go for Google Adsense. This way, it’s guaranteed that you will get approved by Adsense Team easily as your blog is grown up.

Adsense is not the primary source of income for many bloggers and this is not the only way to earn from your blog.

There are also other ways to drive major income from your blog like: Affiliate Marketing.

Promote Affiliate Products – Do only this.

Another interesting way to monetize your new blog is affiliate marketing. Selling products and earning commission is fun too. Because it involves, how you are marketing the product and how you are showing the value of a product to the visitors.e-commerce-402822_640

A product which solves the visitors problem gets big hit. In general, you have to select products which are closely related to your blog topic or market.

Once you find such product, you could promote through your blog. Amazon is the best places to start monetizing your brand new blog. They have variety of products to choose from various type of markets. You could sell the product by writing a review, or addressing a problem and by showing the product as a solution or simply, link them from the sidebar’s.

You can easily setup your blog to sell affiliate products from Amazon – all you need to have visitors who are related to that product.

In fact, even a newly launched blog may drive lot more sales with Amazon.

Clickbank, JVZoo are few of the famous digital affiliate networks other than Amazon, to start monetizing your new blog.

Blog Real Estate (selling Ad space) – Don’t go for it.

This includes selling Ad space on your blog. Its about running advertisements on your blog privately. You have to look for people who are interested to advertise on your blog.for-rent-148891_640

For this, you have to request the visitors by writing an article like, “Advertise Here“, “Advertise In This Site” etc. So that if any one wants to advertise, they will contact you. You could publish a quote on the rate that you charge along with the availability of Ad spaces.

Or else, you can also list your blog on a third party marketplace like buysellads.

For a brand new blog, it is tough to sell ad space. Because your blog should need good amount of traffic so that you could show your Traffic stats to advertisers and sell the space.

For example, if you are blogging on a hot & latest topic then you may easily find advertisers – even then, your blog needs decent traffic every day (atleast 1000+ visitors a day, to start with).


Finally, monetizing a new blog is simpler.

But how much money you will be making depends on the amount of traffic you get.

You should first, pay attention towards increasing your blog traffic and then towards building a useful blog.

Otherwise, even though you monetize it, your blog fails to make money for you.

My Personal Advice: Start with Affiliate Marketing – once your blog grows bigger, explore other ways.

You can also grab a copy of blogging with JC – worth following.

Good Luck.


About the Author:

I love-to-code, passionate-to-write, an upcoming author, and WordPress enthusiast. Here at BlashO, I mostly share WordPress tips. Connect with me @Twitter.


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    I am still trying hard to get quality traffic for my blogs.
    On the other hand we should always keep ourselves Diversified.
    So Apart from blogging I tried some other ways of making Money online.
    Nice Info. Recently i tried this and it worked , so am sharing with all the others.

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