iPhone Apps are one of the major source of online income for many people. Right from App developers to Internet marketers, the opportunity for growth is comparatively higher than other markets. This is because of the increasing demand for iPhone Apps even though there are lot of apps already available in the App store.

All you need best ideas for your iPhone app business which has the potential to make profits.

Still today, the market is not much saturated, you can easily find an idea to launch your own iPhone App.

The App store says, there are 100K+ apps already published and it counts up every day.

However, when it comes to revenue, you have to employ the right strategy otherwise, your app just stays like any other one (without performance).

What are those strategies ? and how do you maximum the revenue ?apple-758333_640

Lets find the answer for these questions, which definitely helps you to improve your revenue model for the long term.

Go Along With Market Trends.

This is one of the intelligent strategy which works well.

The idea is, based on the trends introduce new apps.

Find out, what are all the topics which are hot in your country or in general, list down the topics and come up with an App idea.

  • For example, if it is a football season, develop an iPhone App targeting those audience or if it is an election season in your country then introduce an app to track the election results/news.

This attracts lot of downloads to your App because the topic is trending and people will be comfort to get your App.

Basically, you have to watch the trends every day or whenever you are about to start your new App development.

Find Gaps In App Store.

If you see the Top iPhone Apps, most of them are from the ‘Games’ category. This clearly tells that people are more interested to download gaming apps.

  • Now the idea is not to get into that Gaming market instead, find categories where there are less number of Apps.
  • For example, social networking is also a hot topic and you can easily find a gap in the App store. There are lot of apps related to Facebook, Twitter and there may not be many for G+ because its recently launched – get into it.

This is called Gap Filling where you find demanding gaps in the market and make use of it for your business. Also, you can think rare topics which are easy to attract audience for your App.

Don’t rewrite same kind of apps which are already there in the store, think something unique.

Repeat Your Business (better than before).

When you are looking to maximize your revenue, the important aspect is Repeat Business. This is one of the key factor in business, because you know the strategies/steps involved in launching an app. You might have faced lot of difficulties and you already solved them. This clearly tells that you are comfort with the App life cycle right from bringing an idea till releasing into App store.

  • Now the idea is to, repeat the same steps for another app. All you have to follow the correct steps at the first attempt so that you could make a better App than before.

Once you are into this comfort zone, you can simply develop many apps and this for sure increases your revenue. You have to quickly move from ideas to ideas so that you could experiment with more apps.

Don’t just stick to one idea which may not really get hit as expected.

Diversify Your Revenue Source.

Have an eye on your revenue sources. If have collected a list of iPhone App Advertising networks and there are lot of ad networks available in the market.

  • The idea is, not to stick to one network for example, iAd network. Instead, diversify your income source. If you host Ads from iAd for one App then try another network for the second App. This actually helps you to understand, how the App network performs.
  • You could do A/B split testing, that means in the end you will be having the best performing Ad network.

Further, you could revise your App with a new version (with additional features) and increase the download cost – this quickly brings in more revenue.

Replicate Into Android Market.

iPhone and Android are duo-markets and they 2 are always competing with each other.

I don’t want to argue which is good or bad – instead, make use of this duo-markets.

When they are competing with each other, let them compete – will wise play the game by getting into both the markets. This way, you are benefited a lot. Because when one market goes down, you could survey with another – anyway, i am sure that these are the hot markets, at least for the next 3-4 years.

  • The idea is, release your iPhone app as an Android App – you have to re-develop the App for Android platform. This is bit time consuming and also, you must need knowledge/resources to work with both of these platforms.

Release your idea as an App in both the markets and you could even experiment by seeing which market performs best. This definitely doubles your business revenue.earth-159131_640


To summarize, the following are the key factors to maximize your App revenue:

  • release your App in demanding topics or trending topics which quickly grabs peoples attention
  • find gaps in the market and attack rare categories so that you grow faster (esp without competition)
  • diversify your income source by finding alternative streams – do experiments until you find the best fit
  • get into both iPhone and Android App market – make use of their competing nature
  • repeat the process better than before in every aspect right from development, testing and marketing the app
  • Pick iPhone App Courses and learn from experts.

Hope these tips are helpful to maximize your iPhone App business revenue. It definitely takes time to see great results, all you have to persistent with your work, measure the results for each n every work you do and tweak the strategies – your revenue grows automatically…

Good luck.


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