With quite a number of ways to make money from the Internet, writing is one of the interesting yet never-ending methods.

The demand for information and writing never ends. It continues throughout the life cycle of this world, until the end of the digital age. In fact, people used to write even before the digital age. Hence writing is one of the best platforms to convey a message. However, it is also possible to make money by writing.

Especially with online, you can do a lot of writing jobs and get paid for the work done – being a freelancer. On the other hand, you can have your own blog or an information-rich website. You can write for your blog/site and make money from various sources – being a blogger.

When I see the writing job online, there are 2 varieties – freelancer, blogger. In this article, I will help you towards making more money (i mean to increase your online income) by writing more.

Before we go, you must understand that you have chosen writing as the primary weapon – you have to take that as a passion.

First, the topic or area of writing (your interest) must be a passion. Secondly, writing must be a passion.

Being Freelancer.

Becoming a successful freelancer takes time. If you are beginning today as a freelance writer, the very first obstacle is to find jobs for writing.

You must get hired by someone.

Step #1 : As a first step, you can join a freelancing website like Odesk, Elance or Freelancer – build your profile and start job hunting. Attach example works (your own write-ups) based on the job post and this creates chances of getting hired as a fresher.

Once you are hired, you can constantly get multiple jobs and slowly, your profile gets built.

Step #2 : As a second step, you have to build a profile on the freelancing websites.

Setup your own online portfolio and list your works – show your area of expertise and tell everyone that you are ready to serve their writing needs.

This way, you can quickly expand your freelancing scope in 2 steps.

  • Being a freelancer requires you to pick “writing as a passion” and not necessarily the topic/area of writing.

You must be ready and prepared to write on any topic with the given inputs.

Apart from freelancing sites, you can join these sites for writing articles and earning money in order to increase your freelancing income.

Being Blogger.

Becoming a successful blogger takes more time than freelancing. Blogging is completely different from freelancing and there are lots of obstacles to face in the earlier stage of blogging.

Step #1 : Setting up a blog (say, using WordPress) definitely needs a bit of technical knowledge and with today’s hosting providers you can easily setup a WordPress blog in few clicks (check SiteGround to create a blog).

Step #2 : Once the blog is live, you have to define its main-title and the sub-categories. Decide the topic first and dedicate your blog solely to that topic. For example, I am focusing only on the topic of WordPress related to this blog. Similarly, decide your topic and be focused on it. Learn how to start money making as a blogger ? from my another article.

  • Being a blogger requires you to pick “topic with a passion” and necessarily you have to pick “writing as a passion” too.

So blogging is more than freelancing. In fact, you can turn a blog into a million-dollar business.

  • Blogging is not only writing, it involves: web design, SEO, strategy, marketing, advertising, products etc.


Now Writing More…

There are interesting debates online every day between “quality of writing” and “quantity of writing”.

It is true that quality is more important than quantity of writing.too many pens to write....

Being either a freelancer or a blogger, you have to do quality work – agreed.

However, when you want to increase you income – you have to do more quality work. That means, you have to write more with quality.

As a freelance writer, you must be able to complete the assigned jobs quicker so that you can move across multiple writing jobs. You must also practice to work in-parallel (i mean multi-tasking) in order to increase your online income.

Prepare yourself and practice to do parallel work slowly. Within few months, you will become the best and profitable freelance writer.

As a blogger, writing schedule is more important and you must keep high blog posting frequency. At the same time, you have to address the visitor’s problem in your articles and that’s the basement for growing your blog. Read my another article on how many blog posts to write ? which helps you to understand, how to write for your blog growth (apart from other aspect like blog marketing).

Since both freelancing and blogging requires “writing as a base”, the purpose varies. However, the underlying expectation is that, “you have to write more”.

As a freelance writer, when you take more writing jobs you can build a great profile and increase your online income.

As a blog writer, when you write more articles, you can increase your blog traffic and it helps to diversify your income source (basically, strategize your blog as a business).

Now go back to work, write more and make more money…..Good Luck !

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