Clipping coupons can save you money on products and services for grocery shopping, restaurants, and services within your local area. Did you know that you can make money from clipping coupons? Clipping coupons is a great way to put some extra cash in your pocket. Here are some money-making selling

  1. Coupons can be used for each item: If you purchase more than one of the same product, you can use a separate coupon for each item bought. For example: if you bought three frozen dinners, you can use a coupon for each of those dinners in the same trip. You do not have to return to the store three times to capitalize on the coupons.
  2. Purchase multiple coupons: Individually, coupons do not offer large enough discounts to make them worthwhile to mail. Multiple copies of the same coupon are sold on eBay. If you purchase many copies of the same coupon, you will be able to keep some for personal use and sell the rest.
  3. You are not selling coupons: When you advertise your coupons on eBay, make sure that you tell others that you are selling the service of clipping the coupons, not the coupons themselves. Advertising the coupons themselves is a violation of eBay’s sales policies. Make sure that you place a notification of such within your advertisement.
  4. Combine offers: Manufacturers provide many incentives for purchasing their product. You may receive a gift card for buying certain items. When you combine your offers, you will be able to fully capitalize on the deals. Look for valuable rebates which exceed the price you paid for the products.
  5. Use the buy it now option: The best way to quickly move your clipped coupons is by offering the buy it now an option to your buyers. This places money directly into your pocket without the hassle of waiting for the auction to end.
  6. Coupons can be found in other places: Newspapers are not the only source for discounts. You can receive some amazing coupons in the mail, newsletters, or sitting in your local grocery stores. If you have the chance, pick up several copies of the flyer in your local store. Clip those coupons, and sell them on eBay.
  7. Everyone is different: You may not have any interest in the deal that a particular coupon offers. Others may be craving the product. Coupons for baby formula sell very well because the formula itself is rather expensive. There are coupons for everything under the sun, including products that you do not enjoy.
  8. Clip paper coupons: Purchasing online coupon codes is considered taboo unless the deal is extraordinary. If everyone has access to a particular site, then there is no reason to sell the coupon code. Selling bulk paper coupons is the most preferred method because the people in one city do not have access to the same newspapers as people in another city.
  9. The process is slow and steady: If you are interested in clipping your coupons for money, realize that it takes time to realize a profit. You will not make extraordinary amounts of money overnight. Be persistent with your business. Clip your coupons every single week and make sure to relist the other coupons which have not yet expired. Soon, you will have a large collection of coupons.
  10. Recycle: You may have to purchase multiple newspapers to get the kind of quantity that you desire. Recycle the newspaper from where your coupons came. You are helping the environment as well as clearing trash from your house. Recycling centers will pay for the old papers.

You can read more to understand whether selling coupon is an Illegal way or not.

You must be patient, as you have to wait for the auctions to complete. Plan to clip and post your coupons on Sunday, using six-day auctions. The next Sunday, re-post your unsold coupons and add the next week’s coupons to your list of sales. You will have some extra money, and your customers will have some great deals.


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