Monetizing a blog to make money is not a complex process. For high traffic blogs, its even more simpler because it makes money from any source or methods. Yes, if you run Ads or sell an affiliate product, it works well and you will see better conversions easily. Because your blog gets more number of visitors every day and the chances of making money is also more. Its the de facto that more traffic yields more income.

But for a beginner, for a new blog, this is not the case. Your blog gets only low traffic and in that situation, how to make money ? First of all, is it possible to make money in that situation with low traffic ? Yes but you have to play a bit of wiser role. Lets see them in detail.

Keep Expectations Aside.

It is common that new bloggers have more expectations especially in making money from their blog (than getting traffic). They don’t even write useful blog posts, and in a week or month, they will get frustrated and they will quit blogging. Because they are not seeing any income.

Keep in mind that blogging is a long term process (in most cases) and it takes time to pick up. What i am saying, keep reasonable expectations and work towards achieving them. Don’t expect too much of income in the earlier stage of blogging. Instead, focus towards constant blog growth.


Low Traffic Into Targeted Traffic.

A blog with low traffic is not a bad scenario but a blog with no Targeted traffic is worser than anything. If your blog gets less 100 targeted visitors then good enough to start monetizing. Because your income depends on how targeted visitors are coming to your blog.

  • For example, you are writing about “finance” and the visitors coming to your blog are looking about “fashion”. Do that makes sense ? So targeted traffic is the quality traffic and not quantity.

How to get such targeted traffic ?

There comes the keywords, you have to use the right keywords which are more tied to your topic. Be focused in your blog and stay in the topic. Whatever you write, make it more specific to your blog around the same keywords. Over a period of time, your blog will become information rich on that topic and related keywords.

This way, you will get search traffic which means real visitors to your blog. In the earlier stage, if you get at least 100 visitors then its a good point to start monetizing your blog. Learn these Long term methods to get more blog traffic.

Effective Conversion of Low Traffic.

In general, the word “effective” is more powerful. It means full utilizing. The idea is, utilizing every visitors to make money for you. So how to do that effective conversion ? Let see few tips which tells which are the high priority and low priority ways to make money:

Low Priority Methods.

  • PPC Ads works well in high traffic blogs only. But many people will start running Ads on their blog first. Even Google Adsense doesn’t makes you anything, if you don’t have high traffic. It is good to avoid PPC Ads completely, if you get lower traffic.
  • Pop ups and impression based advertising requires high traffic. Because its all based on the number of visitors coming to your blog and every impression counts. On a low traffic blog, it performs poor. Avoid them.
  • Selling Ad space doesn’t works. For example, if you get into you don’t get an advertiser because your blog has less traffic, less readers and lesser ranking. No one will advertise with you.

High Priority Methods.

For a low traffic blog the following are the best methods which converts good:

  • Selling Affiliate Products works out because you are getting targeted traffic which means more chances of sales. But that too depends on the niche and for what keywords your blog gets traffic. Start with or and pick 1-2 products which are closely related to your blog topic. At least, you will get 1-2 sales every month. You could make 25-100$ per month.
  • Referral Based Promotion converts well on a low traffic blog. These involves referring visitors to take a free sign up or offering free downloads. Every successful offer earns you at least $1 and if you make 100 successful offers, your blog earns 100$. You could join which is a similar program which offers free downloads to your visitors.

Learn how to convert traffic into money ?


With low traffic blog you should not expect more income. But when effectively utilized, it makes few dollars. It depends on targets of the traffic and how well you are monetizing. In general, PPC Ads won’t make money for low traffic blogs so go for affiliate/referral based promotions.

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  1. Admin - Reply

    Driving traffic to website is really very important to make your site visible and to do this I suggest you to try

  2. Thanks, I agree Affiliate products are a good way of making money. I made $7 a day on Amazon Affiliates when someone bought two 90 dollar flash drives. I also made a dollar from cheaper items like a CD repair kit, and batteries which is more then my daily average on Paid to click, but PPC are good for making a little bit of money since thoses dollars and cents really add up after time.

    I also got a few offers from companies for link advertising by having a contact form on my blog. I think it is best not to put an "advertise on my site" section on a low traffic blog since it can give the wrong impression to your readers that you care more about the money then providing a valuable resource for a certain topic like : web hosting for newbies.

    Thanks for the tips!

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Nicely said Johnson, you are right that we should not loose the quality for money !

  3. Rohit @Techkol - Reply

    yaaa you are right, i have a low traffic blog, and don't getting much income from PPC or CPM.

    • Mr.Ven - Reply

      try to sell affiliate products in your blog, as a first step pick few related products from clickbank or Amazon and promote it.

  4. arekperak - Reply

    very nice your blog and hopefully you useful info ..

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    First, If getting traffic to your blog matters, getting set up with one or more of these exchange programs is vital – no matter what your niche market is. This will considerably increase your readership very quickly.

    • Mr.Ven - Reply

      Nicely said, its really required to get networked with other blogs esp to increase the traffic ! Make a note that now-a-days search engines like Google are highly penalizing link exchange techniques…

  6. K. Logo - Reply

    I think you can still make money with low traffic blogs, for instance if you use Google Adsense, and if you build 100 sites with at least 30 to 50 visitors to each blog, there is a possibility you make make a few dollars if people start clicking on those ads.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      managing 100 sites ! you have to add content + promote it to some extent, i am not able to imagine managing 100 sites….

      to cut down the idea, build at least 10 sites promoting 10 affiliate products, managing will become comparatively simpler + returns will be good than adsense earnings ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Usama - Reply

    take traffic to your blog is the only way to make more money through your blog there are many seo offering websites which give you blog more traffic for some cost so try those one or make hard work to make your web more successful

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