There are lot of technology blogs available in Internet and looks like every single blogger is owning a tech blog. Even i too have a technology blog (i won’t share here as of now) and there is a huge demand for information always.

Not every tech blog becomes success and there are so many factors behind in building a great technology blog. It depends on the niche/market and what kind of topics you are focusing.Tech Products

If you take CNET or PC World they are dominating the tech market by releasing great information in their web sites. They do cover everything from kitchen gadgets to Tablet PCs. Also, they provide great information by personally reviewing the products and hence people go there every time looking for more useful information.

In this article, i will take you through the simple strategies which helps you quickly make money from your technology blog for the long term as an individual blogger.

Choose Perfect/Hot Niche – Don’t Write About Everything.

From my personal experience, i am seeing that these tech blogs like CNET, ZDNET, PC World, engadget, Techradar etc. are all dominating the industry (mostly search engines SERP). Yes, search engines are the major share in traffic for a technology blog especially Google. It is really tough to compete these big web sites.

There comes “niche”.

  • Don’t just write about every thing that comes to your mind – unless you are a big brand this strategy never works for individual bloggers.
  • Instead, make your technology blog focused into narrow topic and add value to the visitors on a particular topic.
  • This way, your technology blog will become more specialized in a particular topic and it helps the visitor great (you could bring more related visitors every time which helps in effective monetization too).

Simply, be focused.

Example: Technology blog on digital TVs (covering LED/LCD/HDTVs only).

I have seen lot of tech blogs which combines “blogging tips” + “make money online” topics into “iphone/android” topics – they are totally irrelevant topics and your blog looks like a hell !

Simple Standout Blog Design – There Are Lot of Tech Blogs.

Since there are lot of tech blogs in the market, they must be a differentiation factor with your blog. This helps to quickly stand out from the crowd. Have a simple design and keep only what is really required in your blog.

  • For example, i felt user comments are not really required for my tech blog – i trashed the comment section.
  • Most of the commentators are link builders and i felt they are just writing comments to build back links which is useless for a blog.

Hence i removed the comment section and the my blog looks more neat now – it saved lot of time from doing useless comment moderation.

  • Keep the design simple – have a logo and branded domain name is must for a tech blog (see these steps to brand your blog).

Write Hot News – More Natural Traffic.

As i said earlier, there are lot of room available for a technology blog to grow. All you have to follow the trends closely in the market.

Break news and write early reviews on new products.

This way, you quickly bring in real visitors naturally because people need latest/news always. This also attracts lot of search traffic because there are less articles published on that news.

  • Don’t write on most hot topics.
  • For example – “iphone” – every one will write about iphones and when you write the same – you won’t rank good in search engines because there are lot of authority technology web sites.

Pick rare/less active markets and focus on it – break news there. You will definitely find great results…People do come back looking for more fresh updates from your blog regularly.

Monetize Effectively – Go Beyond Adsense.

Adsense is one of the major source of income for a technology blog. Your blog gets lot of Clicks as many of the visitors are from search engines. However, you could diversify your income which helps for the long term. Bloggers are making lot of money from tech blogs and their major income sources are – Adsense, Selling Private Ad Space, Promoting Amazon/eBay products.

You could promote products from Amazon or eBay apart from running Adsense Ads. This definitely brings in new source of income to your blog and you don’t need to relay on Adsense. Have a look on Amazon affiliate premium wordpress plugins and pick your choice.

When it comes to monetization, its all about experimentation. Try removing Adsense and promote only Amazon products – see the results. Then combine both Adsense and Amazon products, find the best performing strategy (which gives more income) – stick to that !

Do experiments, do more experiments….

Final Thoughts.

Growing a technology blog requires lot of hard work and you have to write lot of useful articles. Just keep the visitors in mind and help them with useful information every time. This way, your tech blog grows naturally gaining search engines authority as well as people love to come back again.

  • More important, be focused on the topic and don’t write about everything – pick 1 or 2 product/markets and focus only on them. Diversify your blog income and go beyond Adsense/PPC ads.

Do you own a tech blog ? Do you write everything or focused ? How do you make money ?



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  1. I own a tech blog. There are lots of them out there but I’m focused on providing great content that’s useful and actionable. So I provide tech tips, how to’s and explainers.

    I monitize with Adsense, but for now I’m focused on producing great content that helps explain tech to people in plain English.

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Yes, great content is important than anything else…good luck to you!

  2. Be focused, creative and specific but exploring about hot topics like i-phone is essential because people always look for them, of-course everyone will write about this but the topics must be demanding and being updated is my way on writing to be get noticed. The content is very helpful. Thank you.

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Rightly said, the competition will be more on a high demanding topic like iphone. At the same, it gives us a lot of opportunity for being creative and to write a variety of content.

      Thanks for the comment, Jayaraj.

  3. Good points. We are still in initial stages but I guess it takes a long time.

  4. Thank you so much bro! I just got clear everything about my tech blog. I really need to focus on specific one topic. Thanks again.

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