Generating quality and trusted traffic to your website is the hardest of any online business. Once you are getting that traffic, it is really important to keep your website without lacking or losing the visitors. Here are the tips on how to keep and maintain the visitors coming to your website.

Don’t Keep The Page With Dumped Content.

With the curiosity of providing information, never dump your web page with more information or text. This makes the readers to get bored or even afraid about reading the whole content in your web site. It is also good to have simple and readable content. If you have really more information to share to your visitors better consolidate them. Or you could divide the content by-parts so that it will be more readable. You could even list down the information point-by-point.

Also, never keep the sentences too long. Keep it short. It is advisable to have main-headings and sub-headings that tells the visitors about the topic. So don’t dump the content.

Website Loading Time.

Keep your websites loading time short. Statistics says, none of the visitors will not wait more than 15 seconds on loading a page. So you have to develop a fast loading web page. How ?

This fastness could be achieve by reducing the amount of multimedia content like images, flash graphics etc. The loading time is tightly coupled with the visitors staying time. If your site takes more time for sure, you are making the ways to become lack of visitors.

Linking And Navigation Over Your Website.

Have smooth navigational links. Smooth in the sense, easily reachable pages. Never make the visitors to click more than twice to reach a particular page. In general, provide the link to homepage in all the pages. Better to consolidate the data by categories because you could link the related content. That helps the visitors to easily access the related content. This makes the visitors to stay in your website for more time.

So you have to build a better linking method. Also, make the link title approriate to the content. If the title and the content doesn’t matches, you will lose the visitor (because he is not able to find the right information). Website Statistics says, an average visitor stays in a site only for 40 seconds.

So think off how easier navigation you should implement. Avoid having dead links (links that points to nothing). Dead links annoys visitors as well as the search engines.

Keep The Browser Compatibility.

You don’t know what browser the visitors may use. You have to be ready to compatible with all the web browsers. Try to test your pages with major browsers like IE, fire fox, opera etc. Because if your web page looks broken it annoys the visitors and he will simple close the window. So maintain the compatibility across browsers.

Quality Content Drives And Gives The Guarantee.

It is believe and true that quality content never fails. It drives your website with guaranteed visitors and hence more targeted traffic. Targeted traffic converts you the profit for your online business. It really generates unique visitors to your website offering quality information. So try to keep quality as well as fresh content flowing on your website that helps to gain more visitors. As well as keep the existing visitors.

There is no alternative for quality. It automatically promotes your website and becomes popular in your business domain or niche. So keep on serving your visitors with quality content.

To consolidate these are tips to keep your website without losing visitors.

  • Never overload the pages with more information. Keep it simple and readable.
  • Keep your web sites loading time considerably less. Avoid too much of multimedia content.
  • Test your web site across browsers to keep the visitors happy.
  • Service quality content and that gives back targeted visitors to your website and hence the profit.
  • Have decent and easy to navigate links. This helps to keep the visitors in your site for more time.
  • Always track the visitors count. That helps to measure your growth and traffic progress.

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Following these tips simply drives and keeps the visitors coming to your website. There is nothing called dropping or lacking of visitors. Believe me.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰


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