WordPress/blogger blogs are popular in nature because of many reasons. And its quite easy to keep it free from errors like HTML errors, CSS errors etc. If you are running a blog then you must work a bit to keep your blog clean. Keeping it free from errors may help your blog to appear properly across different web browsers and platforms.

  • An error free site gives better reading experience for your users as well as optimized for search engines.

W3cIts more important to have a compatible web site across clients especially for your business. Its a challenge with robustness of your business site towards the visitors. In fact, search engines may rank your pages well which have valid CSS and HTML coding done. Today, i was looking through the web regarding the CSS, HTML validators. There are plenty of tools available to validate your web page.

To mention, W3C has the QA Toolbox which helps you to validate your blog/site in minutes. Its free to use those tools and helps to analyze your site towards coding errors, compatibility issues etc.

  • Markup Validator which helps to validate the HTML coding of your site. It finds the errors, warnings and gives your correction suggestions.
  • Link Validator helps to find out broken links in your site. Search engines like Google are more concerned about web pages having broken links. A healthy webpage should not have broken links in it.
  • CSS Validator helps to check the correctness and compatibility of CSS coding, this ensures that your site design appears good/perfect across different platforms.

Also, i found an interesting article written from WordPress codex which speaks in detail about validating a website. It has many useful information to understand.

At last, spend few minutes to run all these tools. Its worth for the time you spend towards improving your blog, to keep it free from errors. Hence making a readable, clean web pages optimized for user as well as for stupid search engines.


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