I am big fan of W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin. I have been using it for many years and it helps to keep my blogs run faster. Because, I am currently with a shared hosting plan only and as of now, there are no big plans to migrate my hosting provider.

I am using only the free version of CloudFlare and the speed of the blog reduced to great extent. Because, if you see my home page, I have added lot of text and images. I don’t want to remove the content only to improve the speed.

In fact, I will be adding more content to the homepage and I am not going to bother about the load time. That’s why I prefer to use CloudFlare.

I do have plans to migrate my hosting from shared to dedicated or VPS based hosting in near future.integrate

Further, my theme Avada is one of the best optimized WordPress theme in the market and I turned my blog to load even faster without touching any code.

As of today, I am satisfied with CloudFlare and W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin combination.

Last week, I was wondering how the Cache plugin and CloudFlare are working together.

  • Because, When I publish new blog posts, I found they were not immediately appearing on the homepage.
  • Even I tried to clean the cache (from Performance > Empty All Cache) and then also, it was not showing a fresh page.

I explored further and found that, W3 Total Cache plugin has an option to work along with CloudFlare. W3 Total Cache has extensions for CloudFlare. All you have to enable and configure it to work along with CloudFlare.

Lets see the steps to integrate W3 Total Cache to work with CloudFlare.

1) Goto Performance > Extensionsw3-total-cache-cloudflare

2) Click Activate under CloudFlarew3-total-cache-cloudflare-activate

3) Select Settingsw3-total-cache-cloudflare-settings

4) Select Enable and fill all the details about your CloudFlare account (email id, domain name). You can keep Rocket Loader enabled and put the security level as you prefer.w3-total-cache-cloudflare-setup

5) One of the important step is to fill the API key. For that, you have to click the “find it here” link. It takes you to CloudFlare dashboard. You can find the API key from My Settings > Scroll to API Key where you can find it. Click “View API Key”, just copy it and paste.cloudflare-api-key

6) Click “Save all settings”.


Now you have integrated W3 Total Cache plugin to work with CloudFlare.

  • After this integration, I didn’t face any cache issue. Whenever I publish a new blog post, it immediately appears on the blog’s home page without any issues.

Hope this article helps you to integrate them easily.

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  1. Thank you. I set it up with your instruction with zero problems.

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