You may blog for many reasons however, by end of day, it all boils down to blog traffic and blog income. You read lot of blogs like ProBlogger, Copyblogger to understand blogging insights, you work hard to publish great content and every day, keenly watching your Google Analytics, Adsense Account expecting to get more traffic and to make more money.

If you are in this situation, you are welcome to read this blog post. It happens to every one there blogging, not only to me or you. This is natural that most of the beginner bloggers will end up in to this situation.

Now the question is, how to come out of this situation and how to increase your blog income ?

Frankly, there are no secret key available to solve this problem however, the truth is that you need to drive targeted traffic + “effectively monetize” that traffic.

I don’t say huge traffic here because it is always possible to effectively monetize your blog with an existing traffic level. Even, if you are getting only 200 visitors per day, you can well monetize your blog and make decent money every month.

In this article, I will take you through the simple steps or you can call it as trick’s that helps to increase your blog income without increasing your blog traffic.

Turn Profitable Keywords into Affiliate Links.

If you have a content rich blog, you can easily monetize it with the help of an affiliate WordPress plugin like AffiLinker. Using this plugin, you can automatically convert profitable keywords into Affiliate links through your blog instantly without doing any hard work.

  • First, you have to wisely choose the keywords suitable for your visitors. For example: if your blog is about “personal finance”, you can choose keywords like “personal finance software”, “best finance software” etc.
  • Secondly, pick the affiliate products that are relevant to the keyword and configure the plugin with the Affiliate Links so that it automatically converts the above specified keywords into affiliate links.

With AffiLinker, you can restrict the number of Affiliate links per blog post and also, you can customize the look-n-feel of each and every Affiliate link by changing the color, font style, font size etc.

Also, check these WordPress plugins to increase blog income.

The greatest advantage is that: your visitor will see related affiliate products as they read your blog post and more chances are that they will buy the affiliate product from you.Increase in your blog income

Open New Banner Ad Spots.

  • Look around your blog theme and find new banner Ad spots that are not utilized. If you are not getting any space, you can simply open a new spot in your sidebar or below/above blog post content.
  • Another trick is that, if you are running a 250×250 banner Ad, you can simply split that spot into 4 no’s of 125×125 Ads. Similarly, if you are running a skyscraper banner Ad, you can simply replace it with multiple 125×125 banner Ads.

Either you sell Ad space through a Network (like BuySellAds) or selling directly from your blog, you can earn few extra bucks with this method.

As an added note, with the recent Google Algorithm (see here) in place, make sure you are not placing too much of ads above the fold.

Rotate Multiple Ads In Single Spot.

Like the above method, you can utilize a single Ad spot to run multiple banner Ads. This will be helpful, if you are selling banner Ads directly from your blog or promoting affiliate products.

The best example I can tell you is where most of the banner Ad spots run on rotation basis and hence John makes tones of money from a single blog.

There are lots of WordPress plugins available to rotate banner Ads, you can try Max Banner Ads plugin as a first choice.

Go Beyond Google Adsense.

Most of the beginner bloggers are simply restricted themselves to Google Adsense. Google Adsense is great to make a full time living however, it requires a high traffic blog to earn huge money.

  • As a trick, you can keep above the fold Adsense Ads and simply, replace the below fold spots with Affiliate product banners.

This way, you can quickly increase your blog income as most of the visitors once read the blog post will seriously look for more worthy information. At that time, if you show relevant valuable products there are more chances of getting sales.

  • It all depends on the blog niche and hence you have to experiment by replacing Google Adsense with Affiliate product Ads, see how it works for your blog.

Do Experiments, Do More Experiments.

You know all these results are varying based on the blog topic, blog design and numerous other factors. So always you have to do experiment with different strategies like: changing Ad spots, changing Ad colors, etc.

  • As a trick, you can have an “experimentation period” say 15-20 days – if the change improves your income you can stick to that otherwise, just drop it and move to next experimentation.
  • This way, in few months you can effectively monetize your blog and definitely, your blog income increases with the existing amount of traffic.

Let’s Summarize…

  • Your blog income depends on 2 factors: the volume of targeted traffic and effective monetization.
  • You can increase your income well without increasing the blog traffic by effectively placing Ads/Affiliate Links.
  • Automatically convert those profitable keywords into Affiliate Links using AffiLinker.
  • Open new Ad spots in your blog’s sidebar, split bigger Ad sports into smaller multiple Ad spots.
  • Rotate Ads to place multiple Ads in simple spot, go beyond Adsense and promote Affiliate products.
  • The results varies from blog topic and theme, so do more experiments until you see great income than before.

Hope now you are clear with these techniques to increase blog income without increasing traffic.

Now, what strategy is working for you ? How you are effectively utilizing your existing blog traffic ?

Share your thoughts below…



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