In the recent article, i discussed about how to make money from technology blog ? In that article, i explained how technology blogs are profitable, what strategy works and what strategy doesn’t works! I thought of making this a series and share you with what i am learning from growing a technology blog. Yes, i have a technology blog and i am working to grow it faster by means of Helping Readers – let’s hope for the best.

In this article, i will discuss the important aspects of growing your technology blog in terms of increase in traffic, increase in revenue and more important: survey for the long term. Yes, even surveying with blogs had become tough now-a-days because of recent SEO changes in the industry.

  • However, when you are building information rich blogs which helps the reader – you never have to fall and you could grow always along with the technology.

Drive Lot of Traffic (Play SEO with care).

As i mentioned earlier, there are lot of changes happening every day in the SEO industry. As a blogger, we are all dependent on SEO. I am not sure this is good or bad; however we have to dependent on it. Because most of the quality traffic are coming from search engines especially Google. So it is required to play this game carefully.

Pulling Up to Grow !
Pulling Up to Grow !

My recommendation is, don’t overdo anything. Keep your web page simpler and easy to navigate for the users (That’s the biggest SEO).

  • Always, help the reader with valuable information. If you are not clear with what you are publishing, link to other helpful resources on the web.
  • Forget search engines and help visitors – you will grow naturally.

At the same time, focus to build alternative sources of traffic from social web sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus etc.

Monetize Effectively (Sell Physical Products).

In general, technology blogs are high traffic in nature. With PPC Advertisement’s, you could quickly make a lot of revenue (for example, Google Adsense). Optimize your ad placements and continue it as an experiment, read another article on how to increase ad revenue?

Go beyond PPC based ads and promote products. With technology blogs, you could sell lot of digital physical products. Amazon, eBay are the major source of income and it is easy to become their affiliate.  Most of the people love to buy from these online stores.

For example, Amazon has an incremental revenue sharing scheme which gives commission from 4% to more than 10% based on number of sales that you drive.

Simply, diversify your income with multiple sources.

Always Help the Blog Reader.

As i mentioned earlier, with your technology blog you have to help the readers. Don’t publish content to bring traffic and only for money making. Instead, find real opportunities to help people.

The best tool would be Google Keyword Tool which clearly tells what information people are looking. Find related opportunities to your blog and write articles on those topics. This way, you could satisfy the real visitors and also, it grows your technology blog naturally.

Product reviews are the best type of articles in order to attract serious visitors (with buying mood). Pick the products and provide your own opinion – you don’t need to have hands-on experience for all the products that you review. Keep your knowledge up-to-date so that you could help the visitors better. Learn how to review a product ?

Catch up Technology Trends.

Watch the latest happenings in the industry. For example, if you are writing about 3D products get into the market news closely. Write breaking reviews (not only news) and this way, you could attract lot of audience to your tech blog.

Simply, setup Google Alerts on your favorite topics and this way, you could get all latest information, news.

Don’t Follow Big Technology Sites.

Generally, i follow big technology sites (like cnet, pc world etc.) however, i never repeat their news directly. This is one of the biggest mistakes every tech bloggers are doing. The problem is, everyone will write on this topic and almost every blogger is having a tech blog. Hence you could not bring fresh readers or you could not rank well in search engines because everyone writes on that topic.

The idea is to give a slightly different opinion on the news and attract the visitors.

  • Currently, i am not writing technology news (that i believe re-writing news is spamming) because as a blogger you could not directly get the news from industry. You have to read other tech web sites and then rewrite the news. This is a junk strategy which kills your blog.

So follow big technology sites, find new products to promote and give your own opinion on these products. Create chances to find buyers.

Don’t just re-write technology news, you could not survey for long term – which many bloggers are doing.

Finally, technology blogs are the major source of online income and it takes time to build a great tech blog. You have to constantly help readers with useful information and products reviews – so that you could increase your blog profits for the long term (learn to make huge blog profits).



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