Getting traffic is one of the most toughest part of any online based business. And bringing the traffic to buy is even more tough. In general, when you want to run a business you need the audience in order to show you business to them. Audience are the buyers here. Without anyone seeing your business, you could don’t make anything.

For example, if you are running a departmental store and what if no one comes to your store ? or say you are running a laundry service in your locality and what if the people don’t know about your service ? Go it, right ? You need exposure to your business to run. When you are able to create that “exposure” your business could survey and you could find more audience to it.

In fact, audiences are the life of your business. This fact is well applicable for online based business too. When you are selling a product online, you have to find the audience/traffic so that you could sell it.

Not All Visitors Are Buyers.

Buyers CartCreating exposure is the major goal to get audience. When you are running a business online, do every audience buys the product ? The answer is NO.

But you could work for improving the conversion rate and that’s possible. What i want to tell here is, not all the visitors coming to your site are buyers.

Example: Say, you are running a site to sell “finance softwares” and what if, your web site gets visitors who are looking for “antivirus softwares” ? There is a contradiction, right ? There is a gap between the visitors and your business. This happens more in case of online businesses.

Now our goal changed to getting the “Right audience”.

We have to show the product to the right visitors. When you sell “personal finance software”, you should find people who are looking for “finance related information” which creates the right exposure to your business, that’s called Targeted Traffic.

Keywords the Source of Buyer Traffic.

We realized the importance of getting targeted traffic. Now the question is, what is buyer traffic ? and how to get it ?

In general, before buying, people do research about a product/service as well as they will directly look for products. With that in mind, lets see how do the buyer makes buying decision ?

  • Buyer has a problem.
  • He needs information.
  • He looks for information.
  • He thinks to buy a solution.
  • He looks for products.
  • He finds 1-2 product.
  • He buys.

Now this is a simple fact that you have to find that “buyer who has problem”. And “show the product as solution”.

That’s it, you are done. Use the appropriate keywords to bring such people to your site, it converts the best.


In our example of selling finance software, the following are the relevant keywords to bring buyer traffic:

  • How to manage my personal finance using a software ?
  • Which is the best software to manage personal finance ?
  • List of personal finance management softwares
  • What are the best personal finance softwares ?
  • review of AAAA finance software
  • Compare AAAA and BBBB
  • Which is the best AAAA or BBBB ?

These are few of the ways a buyer will look for a solution to his problem. When you are able to write articles around these topics, definitely you could drive targeted buyer traffic. The conversion will be the best because you are showing the “right product to right audience”.

Define right keywords and titles, this is the simplest solution to get buyer traffic !



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