If you are looking to find niches especially to make profit online then you are in the right page today. The success of an online business is highly dependent on the niche (or market) you choose to do the business. Either you build a web site or a product; you have to find niches which are profitable.

In other words, where there is a demand – you have to focus your business there. The business model looks simpler, however when you get into hands-on you will probably get confused and you may not quickly take decisions. There comes the Niche Analysis.

By doing a series of analysis you can quickly filter and decide the profitable nature of a particular niche. Looking into the real statistics and by seeing the audience behavior you can penetrate into a market very well without hassles.

In this article, you will learn how to find niches which helps you to make profits for the long term. Even when you are starting a blog or building a product based business, this article helps you the best. You can always put your comments or questions in the end.

Find Niches by Keyword Analysis.

As I always tell, Keywords are the major source of traffic. When it comes to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo – they are purely driven by keywords.

  • How the people search? What information people are looking? These data helps you to make the best decisions ever.
Click Here to Get Niche Finder

Click Here to Get Niche Finder

There are lots of tools available in the market to perform keyword analysis and you can pick Micro Niche Finder software here to do it best.

The software is built specially for Niche Analysis. Right from keywords, search statistics – you get all these data in hand with simple clicks. All you have to give the keywords and start the analysis. The tool suggests you the best keywords which are easy to dominate and also you can find profitable audience for those keywords.

By doing keyword analysis, you get to know the market behavior and the audience behavior – if you are seeing lot of demand for a particular set of keywords you can definitely get into the market.

But wait a minute; you have to eliminate the competition before heading up.

Avoid Crowd by Competition Analysis.

Keyword analysis helps to pick the profitable market where there is demand! It is good to have a set of keywords (instead of having only one) by doing the analysis – once done; you have to identify the competition level for each keyword.

The micro niche finder helps you to see the competition level for each keyword as well as the search trends. It also checks for the availability of domain name for those profitable keywords, if available you can quickly get a domain name for the selected keyword.

  • I recommend you to pick keyword which is having good number of monthly search volume say 5000+ searches – that shows the market demand.
  • If there are domain names left, I am sure that the competition level is pretty low.

Further, once you have identified the keyword you can do a Google search and look over the top 10 pages. Use the SEO Quake Firefox Add-on and analyze the top 10 results – this gives various data related to each domains listed on the SERP.

  • The number of in-links, pages indexed in search engines and the domain age are few of the important parameters that you have to check. When you see such low end web sites on the home page (top 10 results) then you can definitely pick that keyword.

You can repeat these 2 steps – Keyword Analysis + Competition Analysis until you find a high demand low competition niche.

Look For Problems & Profitable Audience.

The final step in this process – identifying the problems in the niche and nature of audience. This analysis helps to understand the target “audience need” and their nature so that you can build your site or product according to their needs.

  • List down the user problems in the niche by searching the web.
  • If you find lot of how-to’s then I am damn sure that there are lot of problems to address. Pick hot problems and make a solution through your web site or product.
  • Show your web site or product as a solution to the audience – profit rolls.

Further, you can look into the market on existing products or solutions which gives much better ideas. You can also decide the niche based on the success of these existing products and based on the users comments/reviews available on the web.


Finding niche is the very first step to build a profitable web site or a product. It is a complex process and you have to look into lot of data.

The tools that I recommend here are:

  • Micro Niche Finder – to easily identify a profitable niche which has high demand and low competition.
  • SEO Quake – Firefox Add-on to quickly analyze the top 10 results of SERP

However when you use the right tools, you can make this whole process simpler and also take better decisions (use your common sense bit).



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