Domain names are more important for a web sites success. In fact, it decides at least 25% of its success in terms of branding as well as in driving huge search traffic. When it comes to domain name, there are two choices to select:

  • Find a brand name as a domain name. An attractive and catchy name brands your web site well.
  • Find a keyword domain name. That means an exact keyword as your domain name generally what people will look for ?

The advantages of using keyword domain names are:

  • You could easily make your website to rank well on search engines for that exact keyword.
  • You could easily beat the competitors even though they are well established already.
  • Get traffic from search engines for that keyword as well as related keywords because keyword domains are appreciated by search engines.
  • You could build huge back links with exact keyword in anchor text which doesn’t harms.

All these advantages are available to keyword based domains provided you have quality/unique information published on that web site πŸ™‚

Okay, now come to the topic of finding keyword domain names. Its a very simple process, you could register domain name in 2 steps.

Its creative !

Its creative !

#1 Research To Find Huge Traffic Keywords.

Finding a profitable high traffic keyword is that simple using Google Keyword Tool.
All you have to do:

  • Go to Google Keyword Tool and login.
  • Enter keywords related to your website
  • Select your targeted country
  • Fill the captcha and hit search.

You will get the list of keywords and its search volume (global, local). Don’t forget to select the

[exact match] from the side bar.

  • Note: When you are doing keyword research for domain names, it is good to research keywords only by [exact match]. Because it gives the exact search volume of that keyword, for many keywords, you may see huge volume for Broad Match and very less for [exact match]. Be caution !

Further, you could do Broad Match to find out the weight-age of keyword which tells the search volume including variances of that keyword.

Thought of taking an example/showing screen shots here, but i found the below video useful which explains everything about Keyword Tool, it made my job simple πŸ™‚
Sharing here for you:

#2 Registering A Keyword Domain Name.

Once you got a profitable keyword, always keep the following in mind while choosing keyword domains:

  • Try to register the exact keyword as domain name giving preference to .com .net .org extensions (for, etc.).
  • When there are no exact match domains, use ‘-‘ (hypen) as separator between the words. You may definitely get one. For example, you could try “”, “” etc. as the domain name. Using hypen doesn’t harms anything except your visitors has to remember it.
  • Always give less preference to .info .co domain names.
  • I prefer to use Godaddy Domain Search which shows good number of suggestions in the side bar while doing a domain search.
  • Some times, when you don’t find domain name for your keyword either you could contact the original domain owner to buy it or simply, find another keyword.

Finally, pay attention to keyword research using Google Tool with [exact match] option. Also, use SEO Quake firefox plugin to analyze the top 10 results of SERP for that keyword (at least in Google). This plugin gives good insights about the top 10 web sites and its strengths which helps to measure the competition of your selected keywords.

Good Luck !

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