When it comes to web traffic, we all know that Google dominates it. Every web-master knows the importance of Google traffic and most of the time, you will be working for it. Without traffic from Google, a web site shall go into immaterial state especially, for a content driven business. Blogging is a content driven business and of course, Google plays a major role for a blog’s growth.

There comes Backlinks, one of the important factor used by Google to rank a web page on its results page.

  • The number of backlinks.
  • The relevancy of backlink.
  • The location of backlink.
  • The quality of backlink.

Simply, these are the 4 important properties of Backlink considered by Google.

Backlink is really important for a web page especially, in a highly competitive topic. Basically, it tells the “popularity of a web page”. The more number of backlinks meeting all these 4 properties, the web page ranks higher on Google.

It’s simple.

Now the question is: how do you find, what are all the backlinks for a web page that is already ranking higher on Google?


  • This helps you to follow a similar suite of backlinking strategy for your site that shall boost your ranking to the top in Google.


Using a simple-to-use, SEMRush tool.

SEMRush has plenty of features for domain/keyword analysis and it helps to quickly find out, what are all the backlinks pointing to a particular URL. By finding that, you can also workout to create similar backlinks. This way, you can boost your rankings on Google in a smarter way. I am personally having a SEMRush account since 2010.

Let’s take a keyword “blog traffic” and find out the backlinks of the top ranking page.

1) First, see the Google search results for keyword “blog traffic”.url-for-backlink-finding

2) Now login to SEMRush Tool and analyse the domain name. You can see there are 2K+ backlinks found for the top ranking page.number-of-backlinks-found

3) When you click on “full report”, you get to know the list of all backlinks. The following pictures shows a sample list of backlinks which are pointing to this top ranking page.list-of-backlinks-for-top-page
4) It also shows the type of backlinks: Text links, Image links, whether its a nofollow link or dofollow etc.backlink-types

5) You can also Export the complete backlink list (I recommend you to upgrade yourself for the SEMRush tool) so that it shows list of all backlinks in order to perform a complete analysis of any domain/keyword.

Once you got the complete list in hand, you can follow a similar strategy and build links for your pages that you want to rank higher. This is a time consuming process and you have to do it with patience.

However, when your site has quality content made for the visitors and along with this “top rank” backlinking strategy, your page definitely ranks higher on Google.

Let me know, how else you “deep” analyze the backlinks of a top ranking page?


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