Pingbacks and Trackbacks are existing features enabled by default in any WordPress blog. It helps to ping other blogs who are linked from your blog posts and also, accepts ping from other blogs who are linked to your blog posts. Basically, this helps to get interlinked between your blog and other blogs. This looks to be an useful feature.

  • However, with the increased number of spam-blogs, there are high chances that you will link back to them (when they link to you). Also, this looks to be kind of “Link Exchange” between blogs.

This greatly affects your Google rankings. Further, I don’t see any value add to the visitors.

If you are still confused to understand about it, you can refer to the WordPress glossary on pingbacks and trackbacks.

Here in BlashO, I decided to disable and delete pingbacks and trackbacks to have a clean link structure. This also helps to remove all links pointing to my old domain name from these ping comments.

First, let’s see how to disable them in your blog?

1) Login to your WordPress dashboard.
2) Go to Settings > Discussion.
3) Uncheck both the options “Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article” and “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks)”.

You can understand more about these options from here.disable-pingback-trackback
4) Click Save Changes.

Let’s see how to delete existing pingback, trackback comments from your blog?

1) Go to Comments.
2) Select Pings from All comment types and Click Filter.wordpress-select-ping-comment-type
3) Select Screen Options from the top and give 200 for Number of items per page. This helps to do bulk delete operation.comments-screen-options-increase
4) Now select Bulk Actions > Move to Trash and click Apply.delete-comment-in-bulk


Hope the steps outlined in this article are helpful to disable, delete pingbacks and trackbacks in order to have a clean link structure in your blog.

Let us know, why are you disabling pingbacks and trackbacks ?


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