Good that you have decided to create a blog. The most important “first step” before creating a blog is to decide the topic.

You may want to start a blog for so many reasons:

  • You love-to-write
  • You want-to-share
  • You want-to-sell online
  • You want-to-show your presence online
  • You want-to-grow your business online
  • Of course, you want-to-make money from blogs.

Its your own choice, why you want to do blogging.a blogger deciding his or her blo

The reasons are personal. I am sure, you may have some goal in your mind.

Getting up a new blog live is so simple, there are lot of helps available.

You can simply start from here.

However, what you blog about? is more important than anything else.

You have to pick the right topic that should ultimately help you “to achieve your blogging goals.

Find, What’s Your Passion or Interest.

The simplest way to find your favorite topic is to, go by your own passion.

  • Passion is, what you love more.
  • Passion is, what you love-to-work.
  • Passion is, what you won’t get bored soon.
  • Passion is, what you can continue forever.

If you have something like that in your life, simply choose that topic.your passion

  • I am always passionate about blogs, blog creation, writing about blogs – that’s why I created this blog.
  • I also passionate about new technologies and gadgets – that’s why I created a gadgets blog.
  • I am passionate about softwares and software development – that’s why I create plugins, Android Apps.

In case, if you want to create a blog only to make money and no idea about a passionate topic then you may not be able to contribute to it to full extent.

When you are passionate about something, you will love-to-work. You may also won’t afraid about failures and automatically, you will be moving towards success.

That’s the Power of Passion.

Make Sure the Blog Topic Has Enough Demand.

  • Blog topic, by your passion is good.
  • When that passionate topic has demand, its too good.

What I mean about demand here is: readers, need, age of the topic.

For example, if your blog is about “personal finance”, you may find lot of readers to it. Also, the industry of finance is ever growing and ever lasting. That means, it has high demand.

The scope for growth is higher.

At the same time, if your blog is about something like “construction materials”, you may not really find lot of readers to it.

Hence the scope for growth is lower.

Use a Tool to Measure the Topic’s Demand.

It is the matter of common sense, think if there will be enough readers to it.

Otherwise, use the free-to-use tool like Google Planner.

  1. Login with your Google Account here.
  2. Enter the keywords of your new blog topic.
  3. Click Get Ideas
  4. Look for the search volume (this is the average number of searches done per month on Google)
  5. You can sort the list by search volume and see, for what keywords people are searching more
  6. Repeat the search with different type of keywords (+ different topics) and decide the one, which has better number of search volume (at least 5,000+)

Watch the below video, that helps you in using the Planner tool.

Make Sure There’s Enough Competition.

  • When it comes to blogging, you are not alone.
  • There are lot of people around the world who may already have a blog on that topic. Or, there may be new bloggers coming in every day.

You can use the same planner tool to find out the level of competition: Low, Medium, High.

It is good to have low, medium competition for your blog topic.

That means, you can easily dominate the market with your blog.goats-692660_640

If you are on high competition topic (for example, if you decide a topic like “reduce weight”), it will be more tough to find readers for your blog. Because, there’s already several thousands of web sites speaking about that topic.

  • In general, More demand = More competition.
  • However, when you find a topic which has more demand and not more competition – go for it.
  • In most cases, when you go for a high demand topic obviously, you will see more competition. In this scenario, you can re-define the keyword to find out those, low to medium competitions.
  • You can also analyze the top 10 pages ranking on Google. For example, if you search Google for the keyword “finance”, you will see all big big web sites like CNBC, Reuters etc. You cannot compete with them, when you just start your blog on a topic “finance”.
  • However, when you expand or go more specific like: “retirement finance advice”, you may not find many big big web sites. In this scenario, you can easily compete with those web sites.

Use a Tool to Measure the Topic’s Competition.

A tool like SEMRush has lot of data that helps to quickly analyze the competition in a particular market. This tools uses the top 10 pages from Google and analyzes everything about it. It tells exactly, how the topic is competitive and how, the top 10 pages are established to what extent.

SEMRush helps you to quickly filter and narrow down the topics, which are having lesser competition.

Give a try for free.

Watch the below video to get started using the tool:


To keep it simple:

  • Understand your passion and interest.
  • Decide a topic related to your passion so that you love-to-work.
  • Going by your passion may help you to achieve your blogging goals easily.
  • Use Planner, SEMRush tool to find out the competition and demand for the topic.

I hope, I have helped you to find the best blog topic for your new blog.

Good Luck.

Let me know, on what topic you are blogging?


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