Internet era is widening day-by-day and the number of Internet users are increasing along with the number of online stores. Many people are using Internet to buy products they like and people have the same feel like the real shopping online. Yes, such great shopping stores are available which satisfies the buyer needs. But when it comes to online store, its a great business which involves multi-million dollars investment. It involves lot of marketing and promotion over Internet to reach the great level of success online.

But as an individual entrepreneur, working from home also you could open an online store. Yes, its not gonna be a million dollar investment but less than 100$ or even for free of cost. This article helps you in that direction on how to create such money making online stores from scratch ?

Finding Product For Online Store.

The first and foremost step is finding the product for your online store. Amazon or ebay are well established stores and they have product on variety of categories. For small scale stores, its not a good idea to start with multiple variety of products. Instead, we should be more focused to one or two product.

For example, if you want to open a software selling store then just take one category of softwares for sale. say, take “personal finance products” and be focused to that product. Now, how to practically find a product for your online store ?

I will recommend you only one method to find a product which finds the hot product in the market. Its a 2 step method.

  • First, go to Google Keywords Tool, enter the keywords related to your product and look for the search statistics. If you find keywords with search volume of around 5000 to 20000 then its moderately demanding market. Its always good to target a moderate market instead of focusing on a high demanding market. This way you will avoid the competition more.
  • Second, go to & and do search using that keywords. For example, you should analyze the keywords like “buy personal finance software”, “buy finance software”, “download personal finance software” etc. which are the most focused keywords for your store. If you are not seeing many websites in the search results then its a good to select that product. It has less competition. Otherwise, if you see more number of websites on that topic then simply, do the analysis for the next product until you find a suitable product.

But keep in mind that competitors are unavoidable in any hot market. You need to face but its easy if there are less number of competitors.

Now use Clickbank or Amazon associates, locate your product and get the affiliate links, that takes less than 5 mins.

Now you have found the product for your online store.

Creating a Web site Store.

Creating a web site is the simplest task in Internet. Within minutes, you could easily land your brand new site online. You could use Godaddy or Hostgator to get a website launched. Don’t start a free blog in, because your domain name will be like which looks odd for the visitor. And it reduces the trust on your site to buy the product. Instead, if you have your own web site like then that looks trustful to the visitor on your site. This is the practical difficulty with free blog’s that no one say NO.

Got your site, then go to its the content management system which actually gives the life to your site. Start from this WordPress Starter Guide, it takes you step-by-step to launch your site. It doesn’t needs any handy technical skills, your basic computer knowledge is enough. To mention, wordpress sits on your site and using wordpress you will write content and publish online so that every one could see it.

Also, you could select a free and professional looking themes from WordPress for your site making site design simpler.

Write 10 original useful articles about the product as a first step. In our example, Tips For Managing Your Personal Finance, How To Manage Personal Finance ? Different Methods For Effective Personal Finance Management etc.  Also, write product reviews which makes more sense in promotion. Embedded your product images and affiliate links in the sidebar, top and bottom of your site. That’s it your online store is up now.

Promoting Online Store In Simple Way (success in 2-3 months).

Now your store is up in Internet and now your work starts. You have to promote your store to the world. I would suggest Article Marketing, in which you have to write articles about the product and submit to article directories. Use hubpages & squidoo, while submitting your article you have to link 2 things. One is your web site and another is your affiliate link. This gives 2 benefits, one a backlink to your web site (even nofollow is ok) and second giving chances for the visitor to buy product through your affiliate link. Write atleast 2 articles per week and in 2 or 3 months you will see great results on your web site. Search google for dofollow blogs and write comments with your website URL.

In 2 to 3 months, you online store climbs to good position in search engines esp. on Google & Yahoo. Your store will get more visitors, triggers more sales and makes more money. To make your store good, definitely you have to work towards an extent.

Success in 2-3 days….

Otherwise, if you don’t want to work, just use Google Adwords and Yahoo search Marketing, pay money, create advertisements, drive targeted traffic to your store. Profits rolls into your pocket.

To summarize the steps to create an online store:

Whatever you do, first thing find quality product which you find useful to the buyer. Second, use professional words in your site which attracts the reader & builds the trust to take a product offered by your online store. That’s It….


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  1. I’m interested in making money online methods, but too many information makes me confused….when I do googling, multi million pages showed….

  2. Christina - Reply

    This is an interesting post. I always though you had to be a programmer to code up a store, but you made it easy. Great job.

  3. Excellen post. Great break down of the main components required to build an ecommerce store. I think your readers will get lots out of this.

  4. The problem out there is that there's too many informations to confuse people as to what needs to be done. There's no such thing as a get rich quick thing. You need to work in order to make it but yes you need to know the correct tools to help you out in the process… That exactly what has been doing for a while now.

    • Mr.Ven - Reply

      thanks for your recommendation, Pat !

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