eBooks are always famous on Internet, it spreads faster and easy to share with others. From the business front, you can make lot of profits from eBooks. Informational (+valuable) eBooks are always appreciated and people don’t hesitate to pay for great eBooks. Now with the invent of smart phones, Tablets the business strategy is moved towards smart Apps. Still the popularity of eBooks is on peak and hence you are looking today to create eBook App !

In this article, I will help on how to create an eBook App which works on iPad or an iPhone. In general, you need coding skills to develop Apps. For an eBook App, you have to bring the actual content of your eBook into the format suitable for an iPad or iPhone. Basically, Xcode the development platform of App helps the developers to build great Apps suitable for any iPhone, iPad, Mac products.

eBook for iPhone / iPad

eBook for iPhone / iPad

You can get all the required tools from Apple’s Developer Tools page right from the IDE, compiler to simulator. Using all these tools, you can create eBook App as you like.

It is okay for a person with developer knowledge to use all these development tools, what a non-developer can do ? There are lot of pre-built solutions available in the market to create eBook Apps which are compatible to iPad or iPhone.

You can get a copy of Xcode script from BuildeBookApp.

  • You get the complete source code of App (Xcode script)
  • The App will be compatible with iPhone’s as well as iPad’s
  • You don’t need an programming experience.
  • All you have to fill your eBook content and publish it as an App
  • You can also add your own graphics and customize the look-n-feel of your eBook App

One of the best reason to buy this pre-built script: You can cut-down the development cost. Now-a-days, App developers are costlier and you have to pay almost $50 to $150 per hour. It usually takes several hours (50+) to develop a complete working App – even at the rate of $50 per hour, you have to spend $2500 to develop a simple App.

When compared, you can easily get the Xcode script from BuildeBookApp, add your eBook content, customize the look-n-feel and publish the App without much hassles !

Further, you can go through my earlier article which lists down the sites to create eBook online – there are both premium as well as simple packages that you can choose to create regular eBooks (non-iPhone eBooks). The App business (with iPhone/iPad or Android) is already a hot business and there are not many eBook Apps available in the market. If you have the knowledge to write the eBook content, you can simply turn that into a profitable App using this Xcode script.

To begin with you can release your first eBook App and based on the results you can repeat the entire process to make even more profits. If you have not already enrolled into the iOS dev program, you can enroll now.

Major points to consider in Creating your eBook App:

  • Make a catchy App Title which should attract the users on first sight
  • Solve problems in your eBook and it should help the buyer in some way (providing a better solution)
  • Provide enough information and cover the core topic in detail (this definitely, satisfies the buyer)
  • Repeat the entire process and publish your next eBook App on same/related topics

Apart from these general points, consider the below App specific things:

  • Make sure your App loads faster and it doesn’t makes the user to wait for long time
  • Test your App on both iPhone as well iPad devices (not just simulators, better use real devices)
  • Ensure your App works with the latest version of iOS (most of the time, we end up with compatibility issues)
  • Plan to release new App version (with updates/enhancements) to keep users active with your App business
  • Based on the results, you can re-spin the same eBook App into Android Market.

No matter, you sell your eBook on the web for a regular PC/Mac readers or as an eBook App for smart phone users – keep in mind that a problem solving valuable eBook goes viral, wins and makes you lot of money !


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