The success of you website or blog is directly proportional to the amount of traffic it generates every day. It also decides the popularity of your site. So every web master’s aim will be generating traffic because when you have tonnes of visitors you could easily convert that traffic into money. In actual, getting more traffic needs lot of hard work and basically wiser content + SEO. Once you have achieved that level of success, your blog will be flooded with traffic. In short, the logic is more traffic gives more income. Gaining targeted traffic is more important because that converts well. Lets see some general and nifty methods of converting your traffic into money.

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Contextual Method converts More Money.

Advertising and product promotion are the two things to implement contextually in your site. Contextual method targets your visitors directly because the ads or product that you are promoting is closely related to your web site topic. Readers may find them useful and they will help you by clicking on the Ads or they may buy a product from you. Google Adsense is the first and best contextual advertising program that shows advertisements related to your website content. For promoting relevant products, you have to conduct some research to find the product closely related to your topic. It is true that you may see great results with contextual method of conversion.

Building trust on Your Business.

One way of keeping the traffic for the long term through TRUST. Yes, building the trust on your business and promoting your brand. In short, you have to hold your traffic. You have to make your traffic into Repeat Traffic. Now how to build a trust on your business ? There are two gateways for trust building.

  • Professional Approach. Showing that you are a professional in your business domain gives good feel to the visitors. They will trust your business because you are looking professional and you have decent approach. At any point of time, you should not spam about anything that hurts your regular visitors a lot.
  • Quality. Yes, the simplest way is maintaining quality through out your site. If you are offering content then that should be quality content. If you are promoting your products then that should be quality product. Because in business there is no replacement for quality.

Keep up Quality Everywhere For Long Term Income.

Yes, keeping up quality everywhere builds trust on your business. It offers more than the trust. Quality service spreads faster and reaches a wide range of audience soon. Hence quality improves your popularity. Basically, quality increases your traffic and subscriber count because people loves your service. I would say, keeping quality everywhere takes your business up and up to next level of growth. Maintaining consistency in quality service is more important to gain more profits for the long term.

Experimenting Traffic Conversions.

You have to conduct non-stop experiments when it comes to conversion and online income. Experimentation helps you to figure out the best strategy that suits your business. Because not all online business are similar, it differs based on the product and service. So you have to keep on experimenting the methods that you follow to convert the traffic. Change your style of product marketing, change your look-n-feel of Ads, change your Ads placement and measure the results. Keep the statistics and find out what works good for your business. Experimenting and tracking is an interesting job with that you could easily tweak your business towards success.

If you hate everything to follow then just go for Contextual Method of Traffic Conversion that’s enough to earn good money !


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