Now the question comes like, how to build a unique website ? In the last post we realized about importance of unique website and this is an extension of that post. So now we are pretty much clear about what really gives you on being unique. Lets go through the one and only major factor that makes you to be unique with your website.

Build A Brand For Your Website.

Branding your website, is that required for every one ? Building a brand is generally common among larger businesses and for sure it is required for the smaller businesses too. Because every business needs to mark a presence in the world or public. Now, How to brand your website to make it unique ? a straight forward question. Simply saying, the following the essential factors that you should consider in building a brand for your website.

Good Brand Name.

A good brand name is essential so that people may spell your business name in every day life. You brand name could be a popular keyword or a short/sweet name. Some good examples of popular brand names are amazon, ebay, google, yahoo etc. Either they are short or a rhyming name, think twice before naming your website. A related article on how to create good brand name ? may give you more inputs.

Create Your Website Logo.

A logo is the one that resembles your website in graphical form. Whenever your customer thinks or visualizes your business, he should remember your logo. That should be the motive, always a simpler & catchy logo brings you that credibility to your business. For example, When you think about Yahoo you could visualize that “Y!” logo. That’s the way it was branded to the world. Also, it is always good to have a logo looking close to your brand name. Yet another article on logo design tips published by

Frame Your Website’s Slogan.

Sometimes even your brand name or logo may not get popular but a slogan may give great results. Its a “favorite saying about your business or product”. This blog uses the slogan “Anatomy of online business” even though the domain name of this blog is much of keyword centric. Visitors may notice the slogan and it reminds in her mind. A quick search of your slogan in search engines will get your site to show in the top. A rhyming & more contextual slogan wins !

Habituating The TRIPLETS.

Now it all depends on how you are using all these TRIPLETS Brand name, Logo & slogan collaboratively ? Your brand should flow from the top to the bottom of your business. It should exist everywhere from emails to blogs, newsletters to papers.

Keep your brand flowing through out the website, it builds the strong base for your business, makes your website unique & helps to stand out from competition.


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