Article directories are one of the powerful marketing tool on Internet which quickly brings in exposure to your online business site. Either you own a blog or a web site, you can quickly create online exposure using article directories. There are lot of article directories available in the market and you can quickly find a huge list of yours to submit your articles.

When you submit an article to an article directory, it reaches to millions of audience around the world both writers as well as readers.As a powerful marketing tool you can drive lot of traffic from article directories.

But in the name of SEO and backlinks, many people are teaching wrong things about article directories.

Keep in mind that article directories are not just link building tools.

Advantages of submitting Articles to multiple Directories.

With recent search engine trends especially Google had taken lot of steps to improve their search results and filtered out lot of junk article directories in the market. The reason being, most of the articles submitted to article directories are less quality and made for backlinks. Hence the slap for poor content.articles-in-hand

However, great contents from article directories are still appreciated by search engines and they are still sending real traffic to such better contents.

What I am saying is: article directory submission still adds value and your content should add value to the readers.

Open to More Traffic Sources.

  • Your article when submitted to every article directory, you are opening a traffic gate to your site.
  • When you submit to multiple article directories, you are opening the gates for multiple sources of traffic.
  • The end result, your web site traffic increases.
  • The more you submit to multiple directories, you get more traffic.

Quick Brand Exposure.

  • Apart from traffic, you get exposure to your brand online.
  • Especially for your new business, you can quickly spread words about your product/services through out the Internet.
  • The end result, you can quickly build an online presence, say when someone searches about your brand online (on Google) they will see lot of information listed about your business.

It Adds SEO Value.

  • When you submit original articles, it definitely adds SEO value.
  • Added note, you simply forget search engines and make your article useful to the reader.
  • Address a problem and discuss the solution in your article, this helps the reader and also your article gets valued by search engines especially Google.
  • More quality article adds great SEO value.

How To Automatically Submit Articles ?

As i mentioned earlier, there are lot of article directories in the market and it is really a painful task to manually submit your article to each of them. Hence you should need a tool like New Article Submitter. This tool helps you to quickly register with multiple article directories and to submit your article with a single click, resulting in painless instant submission. You can also pick the list of directories you want to submit so that you can take control of this tool.

Lets see, how you can automatically submit articles using New Article Submitter.

Step #1 – Register with Multiple Article Directories (Automatically).

  • The first step (one-time step) is to register with multiple article directories, all you have to fill your profile and command the tool to register. The tool automatically registers with its list of hundreds of directories and shows the result.

Step #2 – Setup Your Article For Submission.

  • The second step is to feed your article. Once you are complete with your article, you have to just paste into the tool. You can fill the article title, body, tags and the author bio – and finally, click the submit button. The tool also selects the appropriate categories for your article.

Step #3 – Submit Articles (Immediate/Scheduling).

  • Once submitted, the tool automatically logs into each article directory and posts your article to it. It also keeps all the links that you have added in your article and finally, shows the submission result. You can also schedule the submission process by selecting the days of submission (like Monday, Tuesday) and time of submission so that the tool automatically posts the articles according to your schedule.


Article directories are valuable Internet marketing tool (only with valuable content) that you should not avoid utilizing it. See the below checklist for creating valuable content, follow it while writing your articles…

Checklist for Creating Valuable Content

Checklist for Creating Valuable Content

However, you should do article submission wisely:

  • Don’t use them to spam with junk and useless articles for the sake of backlinks.
  • Forget search engines and SEO, use article directories for creating brand exposure.
  • Always submit original and useful articles (which helps the reader) to directories.
  • Use right tools to make the submission process painless and comfort.
  • Grab your copy of new submitter tool.

Article marketing is a slow process and it takes time to see the actual results, be patience. Keep in mind, you have to submit original and useful articles (for readers) which really brings you the expected results and grows your online business site to great heights.


The industry moved totally out of article directory submissions, as directories are not ranking well on Google. Hence, you can decide on your own before using any submission tools. My personal take, instead of submitting to article directories – you can publish it on a related blog in your market – that’s really worth your effort (today and also, in future).

Good luck.


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