Have a WordPress blog ? I believe now you are looking hardly to monetize it to make huge money from your blog. Yes, affiliate marketing is one of the profitable method to earn from your blog than any other source of blog income. It’s also true that when you add affiliate links inside the content, it generates lot of sale because the affiliate link definitely takes the visitor to the sale page inter-related to your blog content.

Basically, showing the right product to right visitor brings you sale and your blog becomes a profit making machine sooner.

  • However, manually converting the keywords into affiliate links is a tough process, it consumes lot of time and energy.
  • What if your blog has 100’s and 1000’s of blog posts ? It is impossible to manually convert the keywords into profitable Affiliate links – definitely your head cracks !
  • Also, if you want to change or edit any affiliate links then again you have to manually do that by hand.

It is a good idea to automatically convert those keywords into affiliate links and you can do that effectively with the help of AffiLinker Affiliate WordPress Plugin – no matter how many keywords into affiliate links.

happy affiliateWith AffiLinker, you can quickly convert any number of keywords into the specified Affiliate Links. You can quickly monetize your existing blog traffic using AffiLinker. Imagine, all your blog posts are monetized instantly by automatically adding affiliate links for the given keywords ! That’s auto-profits, right ?

You work hard every day to write useful content for your blog, your work hard to drive traffic to your blog – all your hard works are wasted – if you don’t effectively monetize your blog.

All your hard work can be rewarded only when you effectively monetize your blog and it should have the potential to make profits.

When you convert the specified keywords into profitable affiliate links, you are monetizing your blog effectively. It creates the way towards making profits for the long term – in fact, you can quickly turn your existing blog traffic into money.

AffiLinker is a WordPress plugin which helps you to instantly convert the given keywords into Affiliate Links – it has the features which puts your blog on auto-pilot income mode.

Why I Use AffiLinker To Automatically Convert Keywords Into Affiliate Links ?

There are few WordPress plugins which promises to automatically convert the given keywords into Affiliate Links. However, with those plugins you can definitely convert keywords into links but do you get chance to control the link placement to maximum extent ? do you get the power to make visitors Love-To-Click Affiliate Links ?

I am now using AffiLinker in my blog and the results are great than before. I am using AffiLinker in a different way: i am not linking to affiliate links instead routing the traffic to my hot money pages by converting selected keywords into links pointing to those hot money pages.

The features of AffiLinker are made with the problems of bloggers in mind, you can also check the list of all features here. Lets see those reasons – why i recommend and use AffiLinker WordPress Plugin:

Keywords into Interactive Affiliate Links.

  • With AffiLinker, you can automatically convert the given keywords into affiliate links through out the blog posts, pages and even on comment section – not only affiliate links, it creates Interactive Affiliate Links.
  • That means, affiliate link can have Unique styles like Link color, Font style, Link Background color, Link Hover color, Link Hover Background color, bold style, italics style etc.
  • All these settings, you can configure for each affiliate link, that means it is possible to configure each affiliate link with an unique style.
  • Apart from color and font, you can also choose the underlining style for each affiliate link. There are 9 different underlining options available to pick.

Basically, you can create colorful links that your visitor Love-To-Click every time.

Show Affiliate Link Cloud on Sidebar, Footer.

Apart from converting keywords into affiliate links, you can show the Affiliate Link Cloud. This is a unique feature with AffiLinker which shows the collection of affiliate links same like Tag Cloud.

  • There are Drag-n-Drop widget’s that you can place in the sidebar, footer of your WordPress blog.
  • You can show the collection of affiliate links either as a Tag Cloud or simply as a link list.
  • You can also, enable the Interactive option to show colorful Affiliate Links that your visitors Love-To-Click.

Take control on Link Placement.

When it comes to automatic link conversion, there are chances that your blog gets linked with too much of affiliate links. This happens with most of the other affiliate WordPress plugins. However, with AffiLinker there are options to control the link placement to maximum extent.

Few of the great Link placement options are:

  • Add affiliate links to blog posts or pages which are having more than the specified number of word count.
  • Add affiliate links only on the specified blog posts, pages.
  • Hide affiliate links only on the specified blog posts, pages.
  • Enable/Hide affiliate links on comment section.
  • Enable/Hide affiliate links on the blog homepage etc.

Further, you can also add no follow tag to the affiliate links and also, you can choose the target window (like where to open, once the visitor clicks on the affiliate link) for each and every affiliate link.

Track Total, Unique Clicks + Referral URLs.

The process of blog monetization never stops once keywords are converted into affiliate links. In fact, the real work starts afterwards – i mean you have to measure the performance.

Do the visitors are clicking the affiliate links (number of clicks) ? and what are all the blog posts, pages from where the affiliate links are clicked (the Referral URLs) ?

  • With AffiLinker, you can track the total number of clicks received by each link as well as the unique number of clicks.
  • It also gives the statistics on the referral URLs – this helps to know the best performing blog posts, pages in your blog.
  • All these statistics helps to tweak the keywords, link style and other settings to improve the performance better than before !

These are the major features that i could see in the AffiLinker Affiliate WordPress plugin – you can effectively monetize your blog by automatically converting the keywords into profitable Interactive affiliate links.

When compared to other WordPress plugins, the price of AffiLinker is cheaper – only $47 and you get Multi-site License to use it on any number of your own web sites. In general, the Multi-site License for a premium WordPress plugin costs $97 but when compared with other plugins, AffiLinker is cheaper – you get Multi-site License in the cost of Single-site License for a limited time only.

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