When it comes to your blog post, H1 tags are one of the important element to consider. It directly represents the main heading of your blog post. Generally, H1 tags will have bigger font size. For the user, it appears to be the title of the blog post. For the search engines, it tells what is that blog post is all about. So H1 tag plays a major role in telling the purpose of any web page.

When it comes to blog post optimization (for search engines), I recommend you to make sure that all your blog post titles are placed under H1 tag. When I removed H1 tag accidentally in this blog, I lost 50% of Google’s traffic. However, I was able to recover the lost traffic, when I added it back. You can refer to this blog post for the detailed study.

Lets see how to make sure that you are using H1 tags for blog post title?

1) Login to your WordPress blog dashboard.

2) Go to Appearance > Editor

blog-post-editor3) You can see “content.php” on the right side, click on it. This is the file, where the source code to display a blog post heading is available. This is theme dependent, the default WordPress theme has it here. For most of the themes, it may be available in single.php only.single-post


4) Search for the_title, this is the function to display the heading of your blog post. Make sure you are seeing something like: the_title( ‘<h1 class=”entry-title”>’, ‘</h1>’ ); The argument to that function shows that the title has to be wrapped with h1 tag.

5) In case, if you are not seeing h1, you can edit it. For example, if you are seeing h2 instead of h1, you can edit it and then click “Update File” to save your changes. You can refer to the below screenshot.



Similarly, make sure that the heading in blog pages are also using h1 tag.

Also, it is important to validate that there are no negative impact of this change. Once you are done, monitor your blogs traffic especially from search engines for few weeks. Hopefully, you will see positive results only.


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