Do you own a review blog ? And how well are you making money out of it ? Many of us may not really do well with review blogs. There are many reasons hidden behind the success of review blogs. It is not a simple or straight forward blogging approach, it depends widely on the niche or the market.

Because every market varies, the audience varies and the product varies – hence we have to take varying strategy which well suites the market.

Hence i would say, running a review blog is totally under the control of market and its nature.

However, review blogs are profitable in nature and it helps in making great money, when wisely handled.

In this article, i will take you through those insights which helps you to turn your review blog into profitable one.

Importance of Blog Topic.

The blog topic is the market and you have to understand it first. In the sense, understand:

  • what is hot in the market ?
  • how the audiences are ?
  • what people are really expecting in that market ?
  • And more important, understand where people are spending money in that market ?

Answering all these question is more importance in deciding the right approach. As a first step, do this kind of analysis and pick the right market. In other words, select the blog topic which has demand in the market and where there are opportunities to promote lot of products. Understand more on, blogging on specific topic.

  • A good example: A technology review blog about Tablet PCs could bring in more profits as the market of Table PC is booming now.

What Products Are Reviewed ?

Secondly, the product comes next to the market. Once you have identified the right topic/market for your blog – you are 50% done. The remaining depends on, what product you are reviewing and how you are reviewing it !

around the blogIn a demanding market, you could play around well. I mean don’t have boundaries and roam around the topic – more important roam within the topic. Don’t write articles outside the market and always, write articles related to the market and its product.

Write reviews on the best products that you see in the market as well as pick the latest products too. Promoting latest products gives you the best opportunity to find buyers, because new products will have less competition in selling. And people show more interest to new products once they are available in the market.

  • Simply, write reviews on best products as well as new products in the market.

Ingredients of Reviewing.

Now the question is, how to review ? and what are the things to cover in your review articles. There are two ways of writing reviews:

  1. Use the product, hands on it and write review on, what you are experiencing about the product.
  2. Just see the product and read whatever information available – then share your opinion as review.

The first method is for serious reviewers, if you are really crazy about the topic – go and use the product. Find out everything about it and write a detailed review.

The second method is also for serious reviewers, you could not cover the insights however when you share your opinion in the right way – people trust your words.

In general, while writing reviews you have to cover both the positive as well as the negative side of the product.

From the Positive Side,

  • tell the advantages of the product
  • compare it with other products in the market
  • list down the features of the product
  • show the images/pictures of the product
  • show descriptive video about the product
  • finally, conclude the product is best.

From the Negative Side,

  • tell the disadvantages of the product
  • compare it with other products and tell, what is lagging
  • tell what is not there in the product
  • finally, conclude what the buyer gets from the product (in a positive way).

Learn, how to review a product ?

More Important – Push It Smart…

When it comes to review blogs, bloggers work with more enthusiastic because it makes lot of money. You should not flood with too much of links around the review article. Just add 1 or 2 in the beginning and in end of the article. Don’t tell only the positives and don’t conclude this is the only product in earth.

  • Instead, you could give options to the readers showing multiple products so that they get chances of picking the best product. This way, they will TRUST your words and definitely, chances of getting more conversions from your review blog.

Review blogs are meant for profits. Follow these advices in you review blog and never push the product hard to the visitors. Conversion has to happen naturally and as a blogger, we have to create psychological situation.

Do you have review blogs ? how do you make money from it ?

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    Great article. Review blogs are definitely effective in selling products as an affiliate. Majority people do some research before they buy anything online.

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