Blogging is one of the best money making business now-a-days and there are many people living life from blogging. People do blogging for many reasons: do share their experience, to improve writing, as a passion. However, when you are thinking it as a business you have to be serious in every thing right from content generation to marketing the blog.

There are lot of opportunities available for a blogger to expand the scope of a blog into a business.

  • Even i started smaller and today, i am slowly expanding this blog into a business. At the same time, i never comprise in serving people with good content and to solve their problems everywhere possible.

As a beginner, i am sure that you are currently struggling to drive traffic to your blog. And also, you are expecting to make money from your blog and that is not happening as expected. That’s why you are reading this article today.

I would recommend you to read my another article on how to start money making as blogger ? if you are not fully aware of blogging as a business and the steps.

All you need is traffic, traffic and traffic….

That’s the very basic requirement for a blog to grow and to earn you money. Without traffic, your blog is nothing and its dead. Now coming your question, how much traffic you need ?

No money :(

No money ๐Ÿ™

This is a vague question that we could not easily find an answer because the amount of traffic varies from blog-to-blog and market-to-market. Even there a blogs which are getting less traffic and making great income or blogs which are getting lot of traffic and no income. There are lot of people facing this problem, have a look on this forum thread – huge traffic but no money.

My answer is: there are “no fixed traffic limit” and quantity doesn’t matters.

In other way, think towards how do your monetize your existing traffic and how to grow the traffic further ?

I hope when we are able to find an answer for these questions – you could become more clear about your “traffic need”.

#1 – Fix Your Traffic Goal.

It is clear that traffic is required for your blog now. Go and find out, how much traffic your blog gets today from your analytic today. As a recommendation, if you are not using Google Analytics integrate it first – GA really helps a lot in analyzing your blogs traffic deeper.

Fix traffic goals. Fix it based on your today’s traffic either to reach 10 times or 20 times more traffic.

  • For example, if you are getting 100 visitors per day then fix your goal to reach 1000-2000 visitors per day. Yes, you have to fix a big target then only you could achieve at least 50% of it.

Think yourself that, with today’s traffic you could not do anything and now you are becoming more serious with your blog as a Real business. This way, you will become more productive and work hard to reach your traffic goal.

I have a goal to reach 100K page views !

#2 – Learn To Write a Lot.

Content is still King.

Great contents are recognized by people and search engines. Content is the major source of traffic for any web site especially from search engines. Search engines users are the real people who are looking for information. When you are able to serve those information, you could bring in lot of real people to your blog.

Schedule your blog post and write regularly to your blog. The more useful content you add, more people will come to read naturally.

#3 – Solve Real Problems.

Most of the Internet users are information seekers and they are looking to solve their problems or to clear their doubts. Every market or every topic has problems every day and people do search from Google or Bing.

The day you started solving problems, your blog is becoming a resource center.

Once you satisfied a reader with your solution, they will come back to your blog again and again. Your blog will get recognized in the world and people will appreciate it.

List down all the problems and write articles on those problems – your traffic automatically grows.

#3 – Market Effectively.

Content brings in traffic however, without marketing your content becomes useless. When you are ready to take your blog to next level, you have to make a detailed plan first. Yes, how you are going to bring in traffic and what are the sources.

The best approach: spread your blog link through out Internet naturally. You could get networked with fellow bloggers and ask them to link your blog or write guest post in a similar blog to attract more readers.

Marketing has to continue through out the life cycle of your blog.

#4 – Monetize Effectively.

As i mentioned earlier, you could easily monetize your existing traffic.

See through Google Analytics and find, what are the pages which gets more traffic. Monetize it.

You could link an affiliate product from these pages from the end of your blog post – this quickly drives targeted visitors to the sales page and you will start making money sooner.

Monetize at least the top 5 to 10 pages first and see the results.

To conclude, fix your traffic goals, write lot of articles solving real problems in your topic, market and monetize your blog effectively.

For now, forget your today’s traffic and start your work to reach your new traffic goal……..your blog automatically makes money.

Good Luck !



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  1. Nisha - Reply

    We are launching 3dollargigs dot com in a few days. What would you suggest to get quick traffic during the first week? Will paid traffic work or should I try manual submission and all? It is a graphic design service at a rate of $3, so we are targeting people who are in need of graphics on a regular basis, at a cheaper price. [IM people are the preference]

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      paid traffic is great, if you are spending on advertisement. Otherwise, find IM related blogs (you know there are a lot) and write guest posts…Thanks

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