Back in 2007, I started blogging and it was a complete self-learning process that I did myself. Right from setting up the domain name, the web hosting, the blog design, the WordPress plugins and I started writing, writing and writing.

Over a period of time, I realized that blogging can be turned into the bigger business. With that in mind, I was able to hit more than thousand visitors a day to this blog in 2012. At that time I felt, it was a great achievement and I was moving towards 100K pageviews a day.

Later, due to personal reasons, I was slowly losing interest and also, I quit blogging for almost 5 years (3 years of partial blogging + 2 years of no blogging).blog-traffic-from-zero-to-1000-visitors

Yes, the blog traffic also dropped down to 100 visitors a day – almost, 10 times traffic down. It was a big hit to me when I came back in 2017 and I saw that how all the hard work got wasted.

Earlier, I used to spend almost 1-2 hours a day for writing an article. Also, did a lot of promotion for the blog so that I was able to get thousands of visitors per day.

The major reason, because of personal commitments, Google’s algorithm changes, I was not able to continue blogging.

Now all my hard work got wasted, however, good that I preserved the domain & it’s content.

Today, I am available to this world, to do blogging.

I am back with full energy.

I also own WordPress plugins & Android Apps:

I also consolidated my Android Apps under the brand name of BlashO, migrated the domain to this page.

Creating more focused blog content and targeting a specific audience towards growth.

The SEO industry had changed a lot when compared to 5 years back.

Also, there were a lot of changes happened in the Google search algorithm and it drastically changed the industry.

So the very first thing I did, “study what has changed” in the industry, when compared to 5 years back.

And also, I realized that the blog topic has to be narrowed down to a specific topic. Earlier, I used to cover a lot of things on this blog right from online business, money making online, affiliate marketing. It was like a mixture of content which is some way closely related to each other.

  • Last month, I reviewed my blog’s content and I realize that there is no core content available in it.
  • I decided to build more focused content in order to serve a specific group of an audience by solving their problems.
  • One thing I am always interested in the WordPress system so I thought like: okay, instead of roughly writing articles here & there let’s be focused towards WordPress users.

Because I have also developed WordPress plugins AffiLinker, WP Spam Comments, WP Lazy Loader.

Being a developer, I am always inspired by WordPress system. Today, BlashO is all about WordPress tips and tricks. This topic will be almost similar to what I was doing earlier but more specific towards WordPress.

  • For example, I have a lot of articles about affiliate marketing earlier but they were all generic. Going forward, I will write about affiliate marketing it will be specific to WordPress.

For every such topic, I will be narrowing down towards WordPress. By doing so the core content of the blog will be more specific to a particular topic – WordPress.

  • I’ll be able to help a specific target audience.
  • I’ll be able to address a lot of problems of a specific target audience.

By doing so the content authority of the blog naturally increases. Of course, Google will also find it more relevant to the reader and starts ranking for any keyword related to the blog.

This won’t happen in a day or two – however, I will be consistent and a lot of work I am doing today.

I want to bring the blogger alive inside me by adding a lot of content more frequently without compromising the quality. And I expect each and every article at BlashO to address the problem of the reader.

I did an experiment a few years back on blog posting frequency, I am just following a similar approach with little tweaks towards the recent trend – “publishing a more detailed” longer blog posts (as mentioned by Niel Patel here).

After extensive research settled with SiteGround WordPress web hosting service and loading time reduced to 1 second.

Earlier, BlashO was hosted with Godaddy shared hosting and the loading time was pretty good.

After the comeback, the very first thing I updated to SSL that means I migrated the blog from HTTP to HTTPS.

After migration, I found that the blog performance got completely degraded with Godaddy shared hosting.

  • The blog was loading almost 1 to 1.5 seconds – after moving to SSL – it started loading at a very slow speed of more than 2.5 seconds.
  • Hence I researched extensively and found that SiteGround is the best web hosting provider today in the market.

I don’t want to speak much about it here. You can read my detailed review of SiteGround Web Hostingsiteground super cacher

Following are the major reason I considered to move from Godaddy to SiteGround:

  • First of all, it is recommended by So without any second thought, I can signup for SiteGround.
  • SiteGround supports PHP 7 – it is the recommended version of PHP by WordPress and they have a greater flexibility to choose the version of PHP that you want to use on your blog.
  • SiteGround servers are high performance & serve content faster. They have the SuperCache. By using SuperCache, you don’t need any other cache plugin like W3 total cache or WP fastest cache plugin. You can disable all those plugins and just host your site with SiteGround and use their SG Optimizer plugin which closely works with their servers – leading to reduce the load time of your blog.
  • I did a lot of experiments and finally, I enabled Google PageSpeed – now BlashO is loading at around 1 second (update: Now i have disabled PageSpeed and still BlashO loads at around 1 second).
  • You can read the entire review here and Tom’s review was also helpful to me.

Upgraded to the latest version of Avada WordPress theme and also, upgraded the Logo.

BlashO is powered by Avada Theme – one of the top selling theme in Themeforest.

  • Earlier, I was using the Elegant Theme. The advantage of Avada is that it has a lot and lot of features that you can’t imagine.
  • I Installed Avada around 2012. Today, I found that their team is still working on it and have improved the theme extensively.
  • In 5 years of gap, the theme was outdated on my blog so I went to upgrade it to the latest version. It was a smooth process and I was able to completely move the blog from the older version of Avada to the latest 2017 version.

The latest version of the Avada theme is compatible with PHP 7+. And also, it is optimized for search engines and the code is clean & clear. That means the browser can render it faster.

  • I also upgraded WordPress to the latest 4.8+ version.
  • I also upgraded the Logo, it is cooler than before, right?

I will write a blog post soon about – how I created the new logo for BlashO?

Revamped all my social media profiles (twitter, facebook) and Why I purchased social followers.

Compared to 2012, today social media had dominated the entire world and every successful blog has a bigger base of social followers.

In fact, I am seeing blog like making sense of cents are more dependent on social media traffic rather than Google traffic.

  • Since I was off from blogging last 5 years, I was not bothered about my Facebook account – it got blocked and I was not able to recover it. Personally, I am not a facebook user earlier, I created a page just only for the blog and there was no valid user account associated with that – looks that should be the reason for the blockage. The older Facebook page was having more than 1000 likes.
  • So I created a new Facebook fan page and it was having 0 likes. What I did is that I just purchased Likes from Socialking vendor and I was able to instantly get 1000 likes on the fan page.
  • I know buying social followers is waste of time but it just shows the new readers that there are already followers on the page and this gives confidence to the real followers, to follow, that’s the strategy.

Further, on Twitter, I was already having a personal account and it was not at all used for more than 5 years. Good that the account was still active and hence I validated the account using my mobile number to make it secure. I was already having more than 1000+ genuine followers on Twitter.

Please follow me on Twitter.

For BlashO, I was not having a Twitter account so I created a new account and again purchased followers using Socialking.

  • Installed the revive old post plugin to automatically promote the older blog posts to Twitter. This plugin, every one-hour it automatically tweets a blog post from the blog into the Twitter page and keeps the page active always without any manual work.

For the coming months, I will be using both Facebook, twitter extensively to increase the social media traffic – by sharing content more frequently and building more genuine followers from the blog.

Follow BlashO on Twitter.

I changed the settings of revive old post plugin to publish the content every 40 minutes (more frequently) and also, integrated automatic posting to the Facebook page. Now started seeing an increase in social media traffic especially from Facebook.

Inside look at blog traffic statistics from Google Analytics – January 2018.

2018 started with full energy.

For BlashO, I feel good that I am able to focus better on it in terms of content, traffic and slowly improving the conversions.

As expected, the blog traffic for January month increased when compared to December 2017. Google traffic also increased as expected.

For the month of January 2018, I took the following majors steps:

  • Published 12 blog posts + 6 new pages and I made sure that each blog post addresses a user problem related to WordPress.
  • Started a WordPress Glossary page and I am collecting the definition of most popular WordPress related terms. As a first step, I have published 6 pages and expecting to publish around 50 WordPress terms sooner. This helps the readers and also, improves the overall link structure of the blog towards WordPress niche. I am aiming to build BlashO as a WordPress resource hub.
  • Integrated Jetpack and enabled Photon CDN in order to reduce the loading time of images. You know BlashO loads at around 1-second speed.
  • Released new version of my plugins: AffiLinker, WP Lazy Loader.
  • Updated the contact us page.
  • Updated almost 20+ old blog posts towards WordPress related keywords.
  • Failed to do the following:
    • Creating infographics using Snappa
    • Start interviewing WordPress experts
    • AffiLinker new demo video

Here are the traffic stats from Google Analytics & search console:How blog gets traffic on Jan 2018?

The traffic sources were:

  • Search engine traffic: 47.39%
  • Social media traffic: 36.22%
  • Direct traffic: 11.3%
  • Referral traffic: 5.26%

Currently, Google traffic is more when compared to all sources. It is good to see that social media traffic is almost catching up with Search engine traffic which is a good sign. Yes, the traffic sources are almost balanced especially search engine vs social media.Blog traffic percentage wise from various sources for Jan 2018

For the coming month, I will be focusing on the following steps:

  • Continue to publish 15+ blog posts and each article should address a WordPress related problem
  • Continue to work on the WordPress Glossary and publish first 25 terms
  • Update the AffiLinker sale page with latest screenshots and create a demo video of the plugin
  • Increase referral traffic – have to explore the chances of publishing guest post on other related blogs

With all these plans in place, one thing is clear that I am getting more and more focused on what I want to achive from the blog.

Looks I am slowly moving towards the target of getting 1000 visitors per day.

Good luck to myself.

Inside look at blog traffic statistics from Google Analytics & search console – December 2017.

The month of December is all about increasing the social traffic and I was able to achieve it too.

However, the Google traffic faced a hit and overall, the blog’s traffic was almost stable when compared to the previous month. Generally, during the month of December, most of the people will be on vacation and hence lesser Google search related to my blog topic.

I hope in the coming month Google’s traffic will increase from the current levels.

The following screenshot shows how the traffic increased from the mid of month:

  • I enabled revive old post plugin to post more frequently on Twitter, Facebook and hence the increase in traffic.

How blog traffic increased during December 2017?

You can see how the traffic sources are:

  • Search engine traffic:  62.11%
  • Direct traffic: 16.05%
  • Social traffic: 15.81%
  • Referral traffic: 6.03%

blog traffic sources for dec 2017The Average session duration of social media traffic is very low and as of now, source media traffic looks to be low quality when compared to other sources of traffic.

The referral traffic source has the higher session duration.

  • This clearly tells that I have to find a way to keep the visitors longer time on the blog and make them explore more content.

Let’s take a look at the search console data:

  • Google had created a total of +67K impressions on its search results page
  • Google searchers had given a total of +3700 clicks leading to an average Click-Through-Rate of 5.6%
  • Overall, Google traffic had a hit because of the reason its December month (let’s see the results on Janurary 2018).

blog's search data from search console December 2017I will continue to repeat the same strategy for increasing the Google traffic by publishing more articles which solves a WordPress problem.

As stated last month, I am not a backlinking expert – almost all the links are naturally created to the blog through my WordPress plugins and Apps.

Yes, it is a slow process – I know it.

In the coming months, I will be focusing on more fruitful strategies to increase the blog’s referral traffic. I am yet to explore the referral traffic methods by doing so backlinks will naturally increase by itself.

Action Plan for January 2018 – Publishing more problem-solving content, Increasing the average session duration, Increasing the Google Traffic, WordPress Plugin updates with new features.

  • Continue to publish 15+ blog posts and every article should address a problem in using WordPress.
  • Create new infographics related to WordPress plugins using Snappa.
  • Update the AffiLinker WordPress plugin with more features and giving more frequent plugin updates to the official WordPress directory.
  • Create AffiLinker demo video and add it to the sale page + official WordPress page.
  • Create interview questions, contact other WordPress experts and interview them – by doing so I will be able to establish BlashO as a trusted source for anything on WordPress tips.
  • Refreshing the old articles by updating it towards WordPress – helps to focus more towards WordPress blogging instead of just blogging. By doing so overall blog topic will get narrowed towards WordPress and possibility of creating more impressions on Google search results for keywords related to WordPress.

I hope I am more focused towards hitting the target of 1000 visitors per day as a first step.

Good luck to myself!

Inside look at blog traffic statistics from Google Analytics & search console – November 2017.

okay, let’s get the traffic statistics.

  • The month of November is all about refreshing the blog as I was out of blogging in the last 5 years.

If you see the below capture, it is clear that the blog traffic got increased in the month of November, compared to the previous traffic increased compared to previous month

  • The reason being, I started writing for the blog.
  • I migrated to SiteGround for faster loading time.
  • I updated the Adava theme to the latest and fixed all design issues.
  • I fixed almost every broken links (there were more than 100 broken links) – analyzed using this plugin.

With all those actions in place, blog traffic started recovering…

  • Search engine traffic:  74.52%
  • Direct traffic: 18.20%
  • Referral traffic: 6.57%
  • Social traffic: 0.72%

If you see the above data it is clear the social media traffic is poor and needs improvement.The sources of blog traffic

For the next month, I am expecting to raise in social media traffic. As I am ready with all my social profiles on twitter and facebook – as a first step, I have integrated SumoMesocial share plugin.

Apart from the Google Analytics figure, I am sharing the search console data for the month of November (from Nov 1 to Nov 28 only):blog traffic impression vs clicks received

  • Total impressions created on Google: 75,894
  • Total clicks received: 4,625%
  • Average CTR (click-through-rate): 6.09%

I am seeing that the CTR shall be improved and for that blog post title, meta descriptions have to be optimized – as of now I don’t have any plan to touch the existing blog post titles/meta.

  • The strategy is to add fresh content to the blog more frequently keeping in mind that “every article should address the reader problem related to WordPress”.

BlashO has a good number of backlinks already – I am not a build backlink builder most of them are naturally created backlinks. You can see that there are 1,748 backlinks for BlashO – according to Google search console.

Most of these backlinks are naturally created from my WordPress plugins and Apps.

 total number of backlinks

Summary of blog posts, infographics, videos published during November 2017.

  • I was able to quickly come back to blogging.
  • I am able to write a lot of content.
  • Good, my writing habit is alive.

Apart from blog posts, I also create an infographic on the best WordPress plugins for 2018 – please share it.

I also started creating a unique professional thumbnail image for every blog posts.

  • I use Snappa for creating images & infographics.
  • For example, the below-featured image was created using Snappa

How I Increase Blog Traffic? Part-1In November 2017, I had published 15 blog posts, 1 infographic, 2 YouTube Videos:

I also created YouTube channel for BlashO – please subscribe to the channel.

  • Published just 2 videos to start with and it all went well – the videos came very well and look too professional
  • currently, I don’t have any bigger plans on YouTube.

I also created a splash video for BlashO using Renderforest, you can take a look at the below video:

Action Plan for December 2017 – publishing more problem-solving articles, frequent social media promotion & work towards building authority in the industry.

  • continue to write blog posts related to WordPress – Done
  • every blog post should address a problem with WordPress users – Done
  • publish more frequently targeting to write at least 20 to 30 blog posts per month – Failed (16+ bog posts only)
  • promote the blog posts on facebook and twitter, by sharing more frequently – Done
  • create more infographics focusing on WordPress plugins and Android Apps – Failed
  • give frequent plugin updates and look for new WordPress plugin development – Done (WP Lazy Loader released)

Apart from the above plan, I am also planning to launch an Interview column at BlashO.

I will be picking WordPress experts in the industry (those who are having a successful blog using WordPress) and conduct an Interview with them with a set of great questions. By doing so, it will be helpful to other WordPress users and also, I will be able to contact a lot of influencers in the industry – leads a way to “naturally build authority” to the blog and its brand.

Let me hope for the best in the upcoming months and I am “setting a realistic goal to hit 1000 visitors per day to the blog” at the earliest – I don’t have a strict timeline – instead, I will be focusing only on the traffic generation and do what is required to increase the blog traffic.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and let’s grow together.

Good luck to myself!


About the Author:

I love-to-code, passionate-to-write, an upcoming author, and WordPress enthusiast. Here at BlashO, I mostly share WordPress tips. Connect with me @Twitter.


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