Blogging is a great way to share and connect, it provides a medium to express, that’s why it is so popular among the Internet users. Blogs provide a writing platform for Internet users and is used for multiple purposes like travel journal, personal blog, information sharing etc.

Popular blogs enjoys high traffic from readers around the globe which makes them a great tool to make money. Selling Products & Services is very easy on blogs as open source blogging tools like WordPress provides great plugins to simply all complex technical tasks. WordPress also offers personalized themes and designs to attract more and more readers.

This article is focused towards beginners who are new to blogging and to understand how blogs make money ?how do blog makes money ???

Blogs Make Money From Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliated marketing can be easily done via blogs, just register and become a business partner for a product seller. The product seller gives a fixed amount of money whenever a sale is made by your blog’s effort. For this Promotional content, self made advertisements, Product reviews etc. can be added to the blog. Sellers can be easily found at various affiliate networks. Many blog owners claim to earn 5-digit earnings by doing affiliate marketing from their blogs.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money, it requires no investment. For blogs it is quite easy as bloggers already have the “Trust of Readers”.

The sale done you can be tracked by your unique affiliate link that you can embed on the blog posts as an affiliate (for example, using AffiLinker affiliate WordPress plugin).

In my case, in the earlier stage of blogging I used to promote lot of Affiliate Products expecting to make a lot of money. However, over a period of time I understood that doesn’t really add great value to the blog in the long run.

Now mostly I stay away from  affiliate promotion and started promoting my own products or only those affiliate products that I like/use the most.

The following articles will help you further to understand more about Affiliate Marketing.

Blogs Make Money From On-Page Advertising.

For a popular blog, On-page advertising is a great way to make money. On-page advertisement includes various things like Banners, Text Ads etc.

To find direct advertisers, you can create a “contact for advertisement” page on your blog itself, once your blog is popular enough. Showing a catchy banner is very important as well as it’s placement on blog is necessary too. Banners that are too much hidden are very rarely visited by users. Various paying schemes are available like Pay per click, Pay per action, Pay per sale, Pay per impression etc. but PPC is most popular among these, in it a product seller will only pay the blogger when a visitor click on his advertisement.

On the other hand, you can also run your own banner Ads or text Ads being an affiliate for a popular product.

In my case, when i applied for BSA I got rejected (here are the list of sites to sell private ads) and afterwards I just stayed away from selling advertising space. Because I don’t want to loose my valuable visitors by making them to click on others banner ads,  I want to keep my visitors inside my blog (+ Signup to my email lists) that actually helps to grow my business in the long run.

The Real Money, Turn Your Blog Into an Online Business.

Most of bloggers are just sharing content and waiting for visitors to come.

In most of the cases, this may not work out because for a blog to grow it requires lot of marketing effort.

The success or failure of a blog highly is dependent on the blog topic.

However, at any time – you can turn your blog into a real online business. This can be done by launching your own Products or launching your own Service closely related to your blog topic.

  • If you take my case, i started this blog without any goals and today, i have turned this into a business by building my own Products. Though it requires consistent work to grow, the results are definitely pay-full in the long run.

Starting a blog requires no investment but to start making money you need to do smart work.

First of all, you must own a domain name and self host your blog (get discounts here) so that people trust you and your blog. Your blog takes time to become popular and to find huge audience.

But a popular blog is as good as investing in gold and it generates you “Passive Income”.

Blogs rank very well in search engine result pages – at the same time,  search engines do not favor blogs with too much promotional content.

Most of the Internet marketers suggest to build smaller niche web sites – their logic is, more number of niche websites equals more income.

I hate this logic and I don’t do that.

Instead, I always want to stay focused on a particular niche that is more profitable and that has high demand in the long run.

When i turned this blog into a business, I realized the importance of social media and I realized the demand for social tools. Hence I am focused towards building tools for business and want to be focused for at least 5 years from today.

It is also important to understand the importance of Analytics, it is very important part of marketing your blog and to understand the insights of your blog traffic. Analytics should be closely observed and future plans should me made accordingly. Once the blog become popular and traffic sources are identified by using Analytics. Adding a “Contact us” page on blog is very necessary as it gives a signal to other marketers that you are open for offers too.

I use Google Analytics that is great and free !

Quick tips to make money from your blog (in long run):

  • Create a niche specific blog and focus targeted readers.
  • Post useful content, in most cases your own thoughts and ideas.
  • Try to be little controversial and that may help in going viral + triggers more discussion.
  • Explore new methods of traffic sources like: video sharing on YouTube, Slide sharing on SlideShare.
  • Don’t just wait for Google to send you the traffic, SEO is dangerous especially if you are too much dependent on it.
  • Slowly create your own Product or open a Service online and turn your blog into a big business – Stay focused on your steps !

Building a popular blog and to make money from that blog takes a hell lot to time. However, when you offer great service to your readers and work for diversified sources of traffic then you can quickly grow your new blog into a popular blog that makes money in long run.

Good Luck.


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