bloggerBlogging is always fun and that too quite simple, when you are working with The major advantage of is, User friendly & easy to operate especially for beginners, who don’t even have technical skills. is owned by Google & it has the most friendliness to search engines.

Blogger Is Free.

Interestingly, blogger blogs are free to create and manage. You have the full freedom to write articles to your blog and to even delete, modify the articles that you publish on your blogger blog. But as the fact its free, every one, you & me started creating free blogs. If you are serious about your blog, for sure you may be stick to 1 or 2 blogs. You will work constantly for your blog and your readers. But on the other side, you have to freedom to create multiple blogs, what’s the end result ?

Multiple Spam Blogs.

People started creating many junk blogs or spam blogs. Its really hard to control spam blogs, when people are creating multiple blogs they want. Somebody has to control the increasing number of spam blogs. Spam blogs may not add value to the reader and its created with bad ideas in mind. One good example of a spam blog is, Made For Adsense. Blogs which has less or no content & it has adsense Ads in all the places is a good example of spam blog. On other words, blogs created only for making money in mind.

Google Spam Prevention Bots.

At the same time, Google has to control the growth of spam blogs in order to keep their blogger platform in Quality place. As a result, Google has Spam-prevention-bots which are softwares which automatically detects or analyzes your blogger blog and decides whether your blog is spam or good. It flags all the spam blogs and warns the owner. Finally, it deletes the blog from blogger and you may not be able to access your blog. You will loose your articles and your blog goes NIL.

Disadvantage of Blogger.

There are many horrible stories that people work with blogger and finally, they lost their blog flagged as spam. Recently, a 5 year old blog was blocked & deleted by Google. Interestingly, blogger has the option to request for manual spam verification (as spam-bots are automated softwares) & possibilities are there, that your blog may come back alive. This guy got his blog back.

Now the question is, what if your blog was deleted & you are not able to recover ?

  • You lost all your great blog posts.
  • You work everyday for your blog & now lost all your hard work.
  • You lost your online presence.
  • Finally, its out-of-control !

So if you are using then first read Blogger Content Policy & Terms of Service and stick to it. Beware that, your blog will be periodically verified by spam-prevention-bots.


I want to tell you that, blogger blog’s are not in your control. Its totally under Google’s control and Google may delete your blog for any reason. You will be put into trouble, if your blog was detected as spam. Blogging needs lot of hard work and you are investing precious time for your blogs growth. If you are not following Blogger policy then don’t use I would advice, always use Self Hosted WordPress Blogs.

The major advantage of self hosting is, you are the owner, its completely owned by you & wordpress is open source (which means, the world is working for you). No one has the right to delete/block your blog. Only thing, you have to spend minimum of 50$ every year for web site hosting.

Think twice, take a wise decision in preserving your blog & your hard work spent for blogging !


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  1. I was worried about the same thing and have figured out a way to protect myself against the loss of my content: Switch to a custom domain and always edit your files offline first before putting them online: The former allows you to switch to your own server by redirecting the domain, the latter ensures that you have control over all of your data. Furthermore, by editing HTML source code, I avoid the nasty bugs that the WYSIWYG editor has that make it impossible to use with, say, code examples.


    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      The best choice is to create a blog self-hosted using WordPress CMS, there we get the full control on what we do and how we do. There’s no one to hold our hands, we get full freedom. Further, WordPress is open source and it has huge number of free plugins that helps to do anything with your wordpress blog as a business.

      Thanks for the comment Axel.

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