When it comes to blogging, there are many factors involved right from setting up the blog, theme/design setup, content generation, traffic generation and finally, monetizing it effectively. It is clear that without dedication you could not build a successful blog. A successful blog is the one which has great audience and huge traffic which has the power to achieve its goal. When blogging is considered as a business, you have to be serious in what you are doing, same like the real world business.

The truth of blog success: Drive more traffic related to your blog topic. Yes, traffic is the backbone of your blog and decides everything right from your success and how much you could make use of it, to achieve your goals.

There are lot of bloggers who are struggling to generate traffic and they are still standing in the dark portion of marketing a blog.

In this article, I will take you through the importance of blog design and how it helps your blog to get traffic?

Yes, blog design and its layout really matters in traffic generation especially in “ease of navigation” as well as “optimized for search engines”.

Fast Loading Theme

Every visitor who comes to your blog, wants to see information as quick as possible. Of course, even you also get easily upset when you are trying to visit a web page that loads slower than the usual and takes some of your time just to have itself 100% loaded.Humourous on, how the visitor goes mad on seeing a slow web site....


In case of WordPress there are lot of plugins available to quickly improve the loading time of your blog.

  • My personal recommendation, your blog theme decides the loading speed first. Have a clean and simple blog design which always loads faster.
  • Here in BlashO, Avada is the WordPress theme which gives lot of options to customize the design without any coding knowledge, its clean & optimized code loads faster.
  • Further, you could optimize CSS and Javascript using WordPress plugins like Autoptimize, Head Cleaner which readily improves the loading speed.
  • You shall integrate a cache plugin like Hypercache which serves pre-loaded content instantly.
  • You can also disable unused WordPress plugins in your blog and also, disable plugins which consumes more CPU. You can use the performance profiler  plugin to find it.

Too many pictures or photos can also really slow down loading so if you can put less photos the better. You can put many photos as long as it small in size. A collage can do the trick but you can only use it if you really think all those pictures inside the collage is connected to your blog or simply a lazy image loading technique would help.

So having a fast loading theme attracts your visitors by serving the required information as quick as possible, it will eventually ranks your pages higher in search engines like Google.

Easy To Navigate (User Friendly)

Your blog must be well presented. People will most likely want a user friendly blog design, they want an easy-to-navigate plus more presentable look. The more your blog design user friendly, people will stay longer duration in your blog.

To do this, all options (the basic navigation) that will take you to another page must be in one side making users know that they are the links to find more information inside your blog.

  • Good example is making use of the sidebar where you could collate the related links or important links of your blog.
  • Showing recent posts, popular posts or listing all categories in your blog are few of the practical examples.

If you are placing a button in your blog (aim to trigger an user action) best way is to place a well explained button like Click Here to View or Join Now or even just a single word like Register would trigger actions.

Another important thing, put a small introduction to your blog but be sure to make it straight to the point. Tell everything a reader need to now about your blog including the origin of your blog, your profession and most important is what the thing you are promoting. This really helps the visitor to understand, what your blog about on the first look ?

For example, If you look at the home page of BlashO, you can see quickly understand what this blog is all about? you don’t even need to scroll the screen or click any link.

There are many blogs around there where you could not even understand the major blog topic – they used to write anything about dogs and also about tablet pc’s 🙂 both really not connected to each other.

You can also read the Google webmaster guidelines in order to understand the best practices in making a better design. You can also quickly create an Archive page for your blog, like ours that helps to see the list of all pages in your blog.

Search Engine Optimized Blog

Your content should be keyword focused and solve the purpose of it. You should well craft each and every page, with only your “goal” in mind. Don’t just stuff your blog with information, it never helps the visitor. Using appropriate keywords help to get targeted visitors to your pages and in-turn helps to achieve your goal.

When it comes to SEO, you have to consider both on-page as well as off-page optimization. Your blog design plays a major role in On-page optimization and you have to keep the keywords under control without over stuffing it.

To make on-page SEO simple:

  • Always, work to help the visitor with lot of useful information (+ your goal in mind).
  • User right keywords to find targeted visitors and always “be focused” on your keyword.
  • Of course, a clean and optimized theme like Avada makes the on-page SEO simpler.

Learn to get more traffic from search engines.

Keep It Simple !

Never overdo in your site. A combination between two colors for the background color will do just fine. Letters or font should be simple and standard which is Arial or Times New Roman or simple Google fonts for them to become readable.

If you can avoid putting or placing moving ads then do avoid it. Too much Ads placed on the side or on the top can take away the attention of your guests unconsciously forcing them to click the ad and leaving your site.

All content of your articles should focus towards the topic and more towards the “goal of your blog”.

  • For example, if your are marketing a peanut butter, then have the content focus on where did you get the ingredients, what are the extra ingredients you have added and compare it to other brands but remember not to state the name of the opposite brand.

A confusing site navigation and design really confuses the visitor. So keep it simple, pleasing to their eyes and also, pleasing to navigation. Every one loves to come back to your blog.

During the last redesign of BlashO, all these tips were considered a lot and decided to go for the Avada theme.


To sum it all up, having a professional and simple blog can really make you generate traffic a lot faster than the usual rather than making your blog a little more complicated.

Simple blog design (with useful stuff) readily attracts the visitors, gains popularity in-turn gains search engines authority and naturally, it helps to get more traffic every day without getting affected by any new algorithm changes (like panda, penguin etc.).


About the Author:

Topics presented is what I studied for the past couple of years and being an editor with BlashO.com is a great opportunity. I found it challenging since I am sharing my previous experiences both in writing and online marketing as well as in building websites that will generate traffic.


  1. Yea blog designs are very important to increase your site’s maximum potential, but you also need to be able to promoe and Market your blog for best results!

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      That’s right Mike, marketing or blog promotion is always part of blogging. We must dedicate time to do that apart from content generation & on-page seo design.

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