When it comes to blog traffic, every blogger expects to get traffic from Google. Because, we know Google is the major source of traffic for any website that is build around content. When I say content, it can be anything: text, image, videos etc.

Especially, for the case of bloggers, the “dependency on Google traffic” is very much higher because “blogs are build around content”.

Backlinks are one of the important factor in ranking on Google’s search result pages. There are lot of arguments on the web that backlinks are dead, alive, bla bla.

However, I would still say that backlinks are important and plays a role for getting Google traffic.

I will also point you to the data or proof for the same.

When it comes to backlinks, there are lot of mis-guides on the web and most of the bloggers end-up following such crap stuffs – they buy backlinks quickly – you will realize the pain only after when Google hammers your traffic.

In this article, I am going to explain you the importance of backlinks (and how it should be) in order to get lot of traffic from Google.man-479670_640

Backlink’s Decides the Popularity of a Page/Domain.

The whole of Internet is build around content and pages are inter-linked together.

Google crawler has the full potential to roam around the web: to pull-content, store and to “Sort” or “Rank” them all.

With your common sense, think: how do you say a domain is popular on the web?

The answer that immediately comes to my mind: based on the number of pages speaking about that domain on the web.

When I say “speaking about”, it can be a link or a text mentioning about that domain.

That’s the backlink.

When more number of speaks (I mean links or mentions) about a domain, means that’s more popular.

That’s a simple logic.

Backlink Context and the Location of Link.

Popularity means “number of links pointing to your blog”. More number of backlinks to your blog means, you are more popular on the web.

Now the take is between: Quantity and Quality.

When you are linked from a relevant page, its more contextual that your site is being talked on that page.

Lets take an example, your blog is about “personal finance”.

  • Site 1: which is about “dogs and cats” is linking to your “personal finance” blog.
  • Site 2: which is about “savings, investments” is linking to your “personal finance” blog.

The backlink from Site 2, is contextually relevant and adds value to your blog. Because, someone speaking about “personal finance” related topic is referring to your blog.

The backlink from Site 1, is contextually irrelevant as dogs/cats are not at all related to “personal finance”.

Similarly, lets take Site 3.

  • Site 3: which is the most famous finance site (say, CNBC) on the web is linking to your “personal finance” blog. That means your blog is something great that is referred by the most trusted and most famous finance site CNBC.

Now I will put it all togther and say, if you have more number of backlinks from famous sites – your blog ranks well on Google.

You have to focus towards more such quality backlinks and don’t waste time on creating anything else.

Its simple.connect-20333_640

Brand/Domain Mentions Around the Web (including social networks).

To me, backlinks are not just links or URLs pointing to your site. It also includes the mentions about your blog. I mean, when someone speaks about your blog (without even a link) it will also be accounted.

For example, if someone mentions my blog name BlashO (as a simple text) in their page, it will also be considered as a backlink. When your blog name gets mentioned on a famous site, it adds more value to your Google ranking.

Also, social shares from facebook, Twitter, Google+ adds to it.social-media-763731_640

Natural vs Un-natural Backlinks.

Google’s algorithms has the way to find out whether the backlinks of your blog are made naturally or artificially created.

You may ask, how can Google find out backlinks that are natural or unnatural?

  • Though it sounds to be a tough part. However, there are Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies like: natural language processing, sentiment analysis, semantic analysis etc. All these technologies may help to understand, whether the links are made naturally to the context or made unnaturally to the context.
  • Further, the “phase of backlinks” are also monitored by Google. How fast the backlinks are appearing for your blog. If it is suddenly appearing from multiple domains then it may be un-natural. Or, if is appearing with repeated text/keyword then it may be un-natural. All these data will be periodically monitored by Google.

By these methods, Google can almost find out, whether the backlinks are naturally created or not.

Some Interesting Data.

Moz recently did some very good research on top 50 search results for about 15,000 keywords. They found that almost 99.2% of the sites have atleast one backlink.

You can see the below chart from Moz:backlink-data

This also clearly tells that Google considers backlinks as one of the important factor in ranking your page higher.


Even today, backlinks are important for ranking and to get more Google traffic to your blog. It all depends on, from where you get a backlink pointing to your blog. Nothing else.

You may ask now, how do I create backlinks?

It’s simple. Go and find out the backlinks of top ranking pages. Follow a similar suite of backlink strategy for your blog.


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  1. Hey! I just read your article. It was ranked on the first page of google blogs. What I am wondering is if there is a way to generate some high-quality backlinks. I normally write great articles on SEO topics, but my problem is that my competitors who are using the same language I am writing the articles are like the mafia in my country, so they won’t share it, even if my content is better than theirs. What will you advise me? Thanks!

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      In that case, you can setup Google search console to target your country. the effects are really unpredictable and you have to experiment it only! Thanks.

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