What is Hosting in WordPress? Meaning of Hosting

//What is Hosting in WordPress? Meaning of Hosting

A website has to be hosted on a server that provides data space and Internet connectivity so that it is accessible on the World Wide Web. A hosting is a place where the website’s content is stored, processed and served to the user.

If you have only a simple blog that does not require a lot of space or DB connectivity, you can host it for free on WordPress.com.

If you have a full-fledged blog, it is a better approach to use a hosting service in order to have greater control.What is Hosting in WordPress? Meaning of WordPress

The hosting requirements for a WordPress blog are:

  • PHP (version 7.0+)
  • MySQL (version 5.6 or higher)
  • Support for HTTPS

There are different types of hosting services:

  • Free Hosting – The provider provides free hosting services. But there could be a catch in terms of advertisements, links or unreliability.
  • Shared Hosting – A hosting provider will have a lot of server space and sell chunks of service to different websites.
  • Dedicated Hosting – You have an entire physical server in your control with your own hardware and software specifications. You will be responsible for its management.
  • Managed Hosting – Some hosting providers offer managed WordPress hosting. You can buy the service and you will get the hardware, software requirements based on your needs and your site will be managed (for example, automatic upgrade of WordPress core) as well.

Some of the WordPress recommended hosting companies are SiteGround, Bluehost etc.

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