Affiliate links are part of your WordPress blog. You write blog posts and embed affiliate links in it. All you want to monetize your blog posts and make money from it.

This had become a part of blogging life. When it comes to affiliate product promotion, I always promote products that I am much aware of it or the one I personally use it. This way, the product that I promote will be related to your audience or readers.

In fact, many of the successfully bloggers are doing the same, promote products that they used already.

Any of the affiliate program right from Amazon associates to Shareasale – your affiliate link will be “the ugliest link” ever. Your visitors may find it awkward and they may be afraid to click on it – “it breaks trust”.

This is where you have to build trust with your visitors and make them comfortable to click on an affiliate link.

A few years back, I was using a lot of different plugins and each one solve a different purpose. Over a period of time, I realized there is no one plugin which can serve the complete purpose of affiliate link monetization.

Hence I took a bold decision and developed my own affiliate link plugin, AffiLinker.Steps to Hide and Properly Redirect Affiliate Links

Today, I will take you through those simple steps to hide and properly redirect the affiliate links in your WordPress blog.

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New
  3. Search for “affilinker”Affiliate Link Plugin Install
  4. Click Install Now and then ActivateActivate
  5. AffiLinker plugin is installed now and active
  6. Go to AffiLinker
  7. Paste your affiliate link and add the corresponding keywords for itAffiliate Link Setup
  8. Click Add Link at the bottomAdd Affiliate Link
  9. Now visit any blog post where you have already used the keyword – you can see the affiliate link created automatically

For example, I used the below setup:

  • original affiliate link:
  • keyword: Avada theme
  • redirected link:

You can see the keyword mentioned in the above list is automatically converted into an affiliate link – the original affiliate link is hidden and when you click on it, it will be redirected to the original affiliate link.

Using AffiLinker, you can customize a lot of options related to an affiliate link:

  • automatically convert keywords into a professionally looking affiliate link
  • change affiliate link color (including background color, hover color), style, font size etc.
  • track the affiliate link performance so that you can do a lot of experimentation and better monetize day-by-day
  • more information about AffiLinker here

I hope now you are able to automatically hide and redirect affiliate links throughout your blog. In case, if you face any issues, please let me know and also, leave a comment saying how you create affiliate links. It may help other WordPress users too.


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