Motivation is a personal feature of yourself towards a specific goal or growth. Every web site’s growth requires motivation and for sure you have to be motivated towards the growth of your web site too. Without motivation your web site is like without fuel, it won’t RUN 🙂 So here you will learn how to be motivate towards the growth of your web site. You have to show motivation at every angle….

Goals of web site and your Satisfaction.

Goals are the target that you fix for your web site growth. In reality, goals are really necessary for any kind of business to measure the achieving end results. Once the goals are achieved, you will get the satisfaction. Satisfaction gives the motivation to work more. So fix the goals for your web site and work towards achieving that, you will be motivated by yourself.

More expectation on Results (Traffic & Money).

Expectations are the first enemy to destroy the motivation. For a web site to grow, traffic is more important and also the results are measured by how much money you are making (i.e. profits). In general, your expectation grows more on traffic and making money. You should be a more control over these two so that you may not get disappointment with more expectations. So better to list down your OPTIMAL expectation and work for the same.

  • Optimize your web pages for Search Engines and add value to your visitors by adding more useful content.
  • At the same time, diversify the traffic sources and bring more traffic from other sources like: Twitter, Facebook, G+, Pinterest etc.
  • Similarly, diversify all your income sources so that your web site goes out of risks and also, it earns to your expectations.

Experimenting Your Web site growth.

I would always say, “online business is full of experimentation’s”. So you have to keep on trying out different strategies towards your web site growth. Make new changes and measure the results in all aspects from web site design, colors, positioning and content. You may feel good, when you are identifying new positive strategies for your web site. So experimentation plays a major role in motivating your web site growth. Simply saying, Do more experiments and derive new strategies for your web site !

Not every web site grows in a similar fashion, it depends on the market as well as your target audience.growing web site graph

Measure all your conversions, use split test tools and improve your web sites conversion every time. You will see great results in a short period of time by split testing. If you are running ads, change the position and customize the colors/font/size according to your web site, keep on experimenting until your web site reaches your expectation or goals.

Stick To Growth Plan of your web site.

Define the growth Plan for your web site and stick to them. Your web site plan makes your work simpler and well organized to do every day activities. Planning avoids confusions and gives a clear picture of your business (on what to do, what not to do & how to do). Since you are organized, you will be motivated yourself to work towards the growth of your web site.

Planning is the key for web site growth. Have plan for content generation, monetization, traffic generation, building community. Stick to your plan and never give up until your web site reaches your expectation.

Finally, Mistakes And Motivation.

Generally, what ever mistakes you make on your web site you should not get de-motivation. Instead, you should take the mistakes positively to make corrective actions. This way, you will be motivated and you could avoid such mistakes in the future. So what ever mistakes like web design mistakes, seo mistakes, marketing mistakes etc. take them as positive.

Overall, increasing your web site growth solely stands on yourself.

Keeping goals, expectations, experimentation’s and plan in place will definitely increases your web site growth.

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