Blogging with WordPress platform is one of the most interesting work for me. I will be amazed every time, when I search for a plugin to do some “specific purpose” and finally, I will land into something “great”.

Yes, great.

Such an awesome WordPress plugin, I found last week: SumoMe.

Noah Kagan, one of the well known entrepreneur in the online world and founder of AppSumo. I have landed many times on AppSumo especially via Google searches. This time, I am amazed to use their work from SumoMe.

SumoMe states: tools to grow your website traffic.

It has a WordPress plugin and I landed using it from the WordPress directory only.

I state it like: tools to grow your WordPress blog to next level.

Yes, it has all the necessary tools to take your blog into the next level of growth. Right from building new readers, increasing social shares as well as tracking it for better

If you are running an extremely high popular blog then you can consider to go for the paid version.

For a growing blog like mine, the free-to-use version is well enough and I am satisfied with the tools that I get free.

I installed many of the features like: Share, Image Sharer, Smart Bar, Scroll Box, Highlighter.installed-features

Share Buttons for Easy Blog Post Sharing.

Using this, you can simply enable floating as well as non-floating share buttons in your WordPress blog.

It has almost every famous social network site, I preferred to keep facebook, Twitter, Google+, E-mail only.

The share buttons can be shown on almost every-side of your blog post. I preferred to keep a floating share button on the side and also, non-floating share button on the bottom of page.

The following capture shows where else you can place them easily.share-button

Image Sharer for Quick Image Sharing.

A simple feature that can quickly initiate more image sharing in your blog. In recent times, I started adding lot of cool images to my new blog posts.

An image sharing plugin like this will definitely helps me, to increase the social shares. I also included Pinterest here along with facebook, Twitter.

Share button appears when you hover the mouse over an Image.

I am specifically interested to include Pinterest where images are more visible than any other social network.

You can hover on the below image and see it on

Smart Bar to Trigger Call-To-Action and E-Mail Subscription.

This is a little floating bar that you can place on the top or bottom of your blog.

You can add call-to-actions or email subscription boxes to this bar.

The options to customize this smart bar are straight forward and simple.

The E-Mail subscription widget supports almost all the famous services like: MailChimp, Aweber, Feedblitz, GetResponse

Highlighter for Instant Tweets and Shares.

Most of the time, when you are reading a page on web – you will be highlighting certain words using the mouse.

This feature suddenly popups a tweet box and asks you to tweet the highlighted text.

You can also set the via tweet as your Twitter ID. I see this is an interesting feature and hence enabled it.

Now you can highlight a line from this page and tweet it.highlighter-for-tweets

Scroll Bar for Increasing E-Mail Sign-ups.

It has two features: Scroll Bar, List Builder.

Scroll Bar shows a little popup from the bottom and asks the user to sign-up showing a form. Whereas, List Builder is a regular lightbox popup with a sign-up form.

Both of these features are mandatory for a blog to instantly grow your e-mail subscribers. I have enabled Scroll bar at certain pages only. Will be exploring List Builder sooner.

You can customize it, according your blog needs.they-are-working-for-new-websites

All these features, I enabled from a single WordPress plugin only.

It saved me lot of time.

For all these features:

  • You can setup the display rules like: where to display and where not to display. For example, you can restrict certain pages or home page – or show only on home page or post.
  • You can track the conversion – this helps you to optimize the settings for better performance.

What’s the Downside of using SumoMe?

I don’t find much downside.good-to-use

  • The free version shows its brand icon on the hidden side of your blog and at few places, it shows the brand name SumoMe.
  • If you are really worried about it, you can go for the pro-version or simply, disable the plugin.
  • For me, I found all these features are really important for a growing blog like mine. If everything goes good, in future I will be moving for the pro-version.
  • Further, I don’t see much load by this plugin especially when compared to that JetPack one which consumed lot of time in my blog earlier.

I hope with all these features enabled, you can easily take your blog to next level of growth in a “smart way”.

You can simply give-a-try of SumoMe, its worth.

Let me know, what else plugin can help you to grow your blog to the next level?


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