We all know that blogging is one of the interesting hobby especially for those who are willing to write & share their own knowledge. Its not only a hobby activity however, people do make money from blogging too. It is extremely possible to turn your simple blog into a great online business.

In my case….

I started this blog to share about, what I am learning about online business ? and what are all the opportunities that I see towards making money from online business ? Days, months rolled and now, I am thinking this blog as a business platform.

I started learning more about online business concepts in-depth. To frankly say, English is not my native language however, blogging helped me a lot to improve my English writing. Have a look on my Archives, I have written more than 600 articles as of today and growing every day….

It is well known fact that blogging takes time to pick up. Especially, when you are expecting to drive more traffic and to convert that traffic into money, it takes time. You have to produce valuable information in your blog which should help the readers.growth graph

You have to put a lot of effort, to drive traffic as well as convincing people to buy products or in finding advertisers for your blog. It takes many weeks and even months to build a successful blog. Sometimes, it will take years to build a successful blog.

Successful blog I mean, a blog with good number of quality audience. It requires to grab the visitors attention and bring them close to your blog.

When the situation is like that, how do you build a strategy which gives faster blog growth ? Lets see those simple ways for to grow faster….

Attractive Blog Design Is Must.

Blog design is more important. Go and check any number of successful blogs that you know, you could not see a scrap design there. In general, visitors may not stay long time on 1 web page, they quickly move around from 1 web page to another in few seconds.

When you have only few seconds, how do you attract them effectively ? how to quickly grab their attention ? There comes attractive design. You don’t need a rich design instead a “simple and easy to navigate design” is well enough to attract the visitors.

Learn the steps to brand your blog which involves simple activities like:

  • design a logo for your blog
  • a slogan which speaks the theme of your blog &
  • add valuable information to help the reader

Last year, I redesigned this blog and the results were really good. Traffic increased, page views increased, reader comments increased and many positive changes in the blog. Moreover, you could read this article on blog design tips from Blog Bloke which could help on this topic further.blogs web design plays a major role

Implement SEO & Forget Search Engines…

Search engines are the source of free traffic to any web site. Generally, 70-80% of a web site traffic comes from search engines. Search engine users are mostly serious and they are real users who are looking for information. So make your blog to serve them with the best information and this way, you could attract the visitors. People will love to read your blog and they will come back every time.seo and Google traffic

SEO plays a major role here. You have to optimize your blog pages for search engines so that search engines could understand your blog and show it to the right people.

  • SEO is a big process and it involves lot of experimentation. You could not exactly predict the search engines behavior and its so dynamic.
  • As a blogger, you should not become dependent on search engines instead, optimize your blog for search engines and continue serving the visitors.
  • Basically, don’t think much about search engines instead think about visitor needs, this way you are automatically optimizing your blog for search engines. Got it ?

I am an expert in SEO (hope so), you could read the below articles which gives you best advice:

Build Community (In & Around Your Blog).

Don’t forget to utilize the full power of SEO and at the same time, don’t depend on it fully. There are many other sources of traffic available for you. Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter are aggressively used by people. You could easily promote your blog and business using social media tools. It is free to use.community around your blog

All you have to do is build a community of people using social media tools and keep them close to your blog.

  • Interact with people and hold them around your blog.
  • Networking with other related people definitely helps you in many aspects of blogging as a business. It helps you as a free Viral Marketing platform because information spreads viral on social media from one people to other. Don’t omit it.

I would recommend you to read this article on, how to get more blog traffic using social media ?

Add Value To Visitors, No Other Go !

Whatever method you adopt to grow your blog, one thing you could not avoid: that’s “always help your visitors”.

helpWhen you started adding value to visitors, you are in the growth track. You blog grows automatically, people will appreciate your work and they will love your blog too.

Basically, when you are able to help visitors, you are gaining their attention as well as TRUST. When they have trust on your blog, they will become your customer and they will come to your blog every time.

  • Identify visitors problem and understand, what they need ? Give better solution through your blog and help visitors with their need. And learn how to market your blog from scratch ? apply it, your blog grows faster every day.

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I love-to-code, passionate-to-write, an upcoming author, and WordPress enthusiast. Here at BlashO, I mostly share WordPress tips. Connect with me @Twitter.


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    yeah I need to redesign my blog too, seems taking quite long time if I designing myself, thanks for the tips

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Redesign your blog with all the growth hacks in your mind, it works great. Good Luck.

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    thank for giving good information

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