Google is updating PageRank in this new year’s first month, January 2011. There was no major updates for the past 4-5 months. And finally, the PageRank update is rolling today. Now-a-days, webmasters are not bothering much about pagerank because its no longer a major ranking factor on SERP. Its all about domain authority and SERP Ranking.

  • I would say, Google PageRank is one of the marketing factor of a blog.

This Blog’s Google PageRank !

In this blog, i never expected to see an increase in PageRank. In fact, i stopped a year back, to work towards increasing pagerank’s.

  • In this January 2011 update, PageRank increased to 2 (it was PR 1 earlier).

I don’t see any update today morning (esp. on Twitter) but in the evening, i could see many people are speaking about it on Twitter & in WebmasterWorld Forum.

I used to Check Google PageRank update here and it shows PR 2 now.

For Webmaster’s – PageRank Has No (less) Value !

PageRank is the result of  “Link Calculation” that Google calculates for a web site. It was believed earlier that PageRank is the major factor which decides a web page ranking in SERP. Now-a-days, the philosophy of PageRank changed.

Making out PageRank...

Making out PageRank…

  • PageRank is one of the 1000 factors involved in ranking a website on SERP. It is not that web site which has PR 6 always stands at position #1 and a web site with PR #1 stands at position #10.

In short, from a webmaster point of view PR is has no value.

For Advertiser’s – PageRank Has Value ?

Let’s engineer the same philosophy from Advertiser’s point of view. For an advertiser, he needs to run his ads on an authority web site. And PageRank is one of the authority measure apart from Alexa Ranking, PageViews etc.

  • For example, if you look into marketplace, PageRank is one of the factor listed apart from Alexa Ranking, pageviews etc. on web site’s detail page.
  • What i want to tell here is, Advertiser’s are still looking for PageRank of a web site. They are measuring the authority of a website by PageRank.

On the other hand, Internet marketers who want to build links (esp, to increase PR) are writing comments mainly on high PR blogs or high PR articles. They are still looking for PageRank of a web site. Even they want to write guest post’s on a higher PR site only.

What’s Your PageRank Now ?

So its totally upto your “Psychology of PageRank” and how you take it up either “PageRank has value” or “PageRank has no value”.

Did you got a PageRank update ?

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  1. my website : mnatives dot com | mobicast dot in still have not updated PR last 10 month , any one can tell me whats the reason behind that.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Have you built back links ? or do they attract back links naturally ?

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