This is my own experience with Godaddy Hosting service.

Recently, I upgraded the Godaddy account to use Grid hosting (earlier i was using shared hosting) and the results are awesome.

One of the problem with shared hosting is: inability to balance load, as shared hosting will have thousands of domains served from single server. Hence the server could not manage multiple requests from various web sites and this results in low performing web sites.

There comes Grid Hosting that Godaddy uses, i am not sure whether other web hosting provider uses this technology or not today. However, Godaddy claims that they are only providing this kind of solution.

What is Godaddy Grid Hosting ?

As far as with Godaddy, they are saying that Grid Hosting helps to balance load on shared web sites. Again, it is shared hosting only but managed with multiple servers.

That means, the amount of requests coming from various web sites are served by multiple servers and hence your web site may not be low performing.

Definitely, it will be better than serving from single server. This kind of hosting service they call as 4GH (4th Generation Hosting).

To mention, you don’t need to manually control the resource allocation (CPU usage, memory usage), it is done automatically based on the amount of load (or traffic).

Godaddy says, they will add servers to the Grid based on the bandwidth requirement (add servers based on demand).

  • The performance of your site never decrease, when traffic of other hosted site increases.
  • Also, when one of the server goes down in the Grid, the other server stands to serve your web site – hence more reliable hosting whereas in shared hosting these are the serious problems.

The following diagram shows the pictorial representation of 4GH hosting and how it differs from standard shared hosting.

Godaddy Grid Hosting

Godaddy Grid Hosting

Website Loading Speed vs Grid Hosting (with proof).

Before upgrading my shared hosting account to 4GH hosting, I was planning to go for dedicated server as this blog started getting more traffic and also, i have hosted network of blogs with single shared hosting account.

  • Basically, with Godaddy shared hosting account i felt the performance was poor.

When i was looking for dedicated server plans across different hosting providers, i found 4GH hosting option in Godaddy itself (this i came to know, when it contacted Godaddy support complaining their poor performance).

  • Once upgraded to Grid hosting, the performance of my web sites increases a lot resulted in improved loading speed. It is well known fact that your hosting server performance directly impacts the web site loading time.

In my case, grid hosting improved the loading speed by 4-5 times.

The following screen shot shows the Site Performance metrics captured from Google Analytic. You can see the drastic improvement in loading speed, this is a proof. Currently, it takes ~5 seconds to load this site.

Website loading time improved with Godaddy Grid Hosting

Website loading time improved with Godaddy Grid Hosting

Even there are great improvement in loading speed with my tech blog, which used have lot of images in the home page.

As you are looking for Godaddy Grid hosting review, my recommendation is: go with Godaddy Grid hosting.

First time users: Sign up for Godaddy here.

What hosting provider you use already ? What’s your experience with Godaddy Grid hosting ?

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