In general, Internet is all about linking and sharing of information. The nature of Internet user, they jump from pages to pages clicking the links and looking for information.

Got the point ?

The idea is spreading maximum number of links about your blog through out the Internet. Which actually sends a constant stream of visitors. Your blog will get traffic as long the links are spread across the Internet.

What if the links are from related web pages ?

Yes, your blog gets more targeted visitors who are looking for the information, provided in your blog. In elaborate, that’s the “referral long term targeted traffic to your blog.

To simplify everything in two lines:

  • Find sites where you could add a link to your blog.
  • Add it.

Wait ! You have to create something called “quality links” here. So lets see how to spread quality links about your blog from related web sites. The methods explained here are the most common, proven methods that every successful blogger follows. Shortly, i am planning to release proofs/results from my own blog based on these similar experimentation’s.

Highly Traffic !

Highly Traffic !

Writing Guest Posts.

Writing guest post is one of the quality method to get referral traffic for the life time, as long as your guest post gets traffic.

  • Find popular blogs in your topic.
  • Check whether, they are accepting guest post. Generally, if they are popular they will accept ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Conduct them, tell that you are willing to write a guest post. The best way to request, write a detailed mail about yourself and your blog. Also, tell like, you are following their blog for the past few months/years. This is the way, i do, to get accepted for guest post. I will show few sample/best articles from my blog to create better image about myself. You could do the same.
  • Write useful article, add your blog/articles link to it. Follow their guest post guidelines/rules.
  • Be impressive and share your experience in that guest post.
  • Readers should believe, you have in depth experience in that topic.

This way, once your guest post is published, their readers will get good impression about you and your blog. They will visit your blog and become a reader of you. It is also a good technique to “welcome the visitors coming from that site” for the next 2-3 days once your guest post got published (ask them to subscribe to your blog and show your useful articles to them).

As mentioned earlier, you will get long term traffic as long as your guest post gets traffic.

Earlier Blog Commenting.

Almost all blogs have the commenting system which allows the reader to write comments on the blog post and to interact with author/co-readers. When utilized properly, you get traffic for the long term.

  • This is a very simple process, list down the popular blogs in your topic and write comments regularly on them. Visitors coming there will come to your blog too.

What is the Trick ?

  • Write early comments, stay tuned to that blog and jump to write the first comment.
  • It should be a bigger comment which argues/drags the topic. This way, your comment gets attention and visitors will come to check your site too.

Outstanding Forum Posts.

Similar to blog commenting, forum posts is another way. Write outstanding forum posts which gets the readers attention. Moreover, in case of forum marketing, you should always look to help people. Its the right place to find long term visitors to your blog.

Because, if you solve a problem in forum, every one looking for that problem will come to your site. Another, idea is writing a blog post about a hot discussion in your blog and add that link to forum thread. This way, your blog post gets targeted readers simply in minutes.

Do You Know ?

Google recommends Blog Commenting and Forum Posting for link building. See here.

So its a trusted and quality way to drive traffic to your blog. All these methods has much more role of SEO ! Almost all the major search engines are giving attention to the number of quality links pointing to your blog. So if your blog has quality incoming links, its great ! These are Artificial, Self Promoting methods of SEO too.

Natural Method of Spreading.

There is a natural method which automatically spreads the link about your blog. That’s through “Being A Useful Blog”. Yes, when your blog has useful information, for sure it spreads by itself. People will link to your articles, traffic flows in automatically. This doesn’t happen quickly, you have to build such a blog with useful stuffs.

Also, it is not like, producing useful content spreads itself, sitting idle for the world to come and see you ! What i am telling, even though you have a useful blog, you have to promote and market that to the world. So that everyone knows about your blog.

Finally, if you do all these consistency, your blog grows naturally and gets more traffic for the long term.



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